September 23, 2016 | CHILDREN & FAMILY, PORTRAITS


Thursday was the Autumn Equinox or ‘Equal Night’ where the amount of daylight and nighttime are equal all over the globe.

So we say goodbye to summer, and look forward to Autumn, which is possibly my favourite season for photographing outdoors. I love to capture beautiful images of children and families having fun outdoors against the stunning autumn foliage.

The change of colours is an inspiring and a beautiful backdrop for dramatic images. The cadmium yellow and orange contrasting with the Prussian and viridian greens, the yellow and brown ochres, Venetian red, burnt umbers, raw siennas, against a cobalt blue sky and wonderful golden slanting light, unique to this season. In the early mornings, there is steam fog arising from the ponds and lakes, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Autumn is a short and unpredictable season in England and while here in West London we don’t have open countryside or forests to admire, we have many beautiful parks that make fantastic shoot locations.

Soon, parks in London, such as Holland Park (particularly the Japanese Garden with its colourful trees and beautiful pond), Kensington Gardens, and Richmond Park will be a riot of colour, giving me a perfect chance to indulge myself with creative portraiture. I love to capture this precious and fleeting time of year and I would love to photograph you and your family in such a setting. The parks during this season are also ideal for particularly memorable and beautiful engagement shoots.

Please contact the studio on 07958 511 819 or email by clicking here if you would like to take advantage of nature’s amazing spectacle with a portrait shoot in one of our glorious West London Parks. I look forward to photographing you soon.


If you are interested in seeing a gorgeous autumnal teenage portrait shoot please click here.


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