One of the great pleasures of my work is building relationships with my clients over the years, photographing not only various important family events and milestones but also having regular photoshoots to record the passing of time and the changes in the children as they grow from babies to young adults. I recently had the immense pleasure of photographing these gorgeous young people for the third time. I have watched them grow from toddlers into these handsome teenagers. I’m astonished, when I only see a family like this from time to time, at how quickly they grow up no doubt under the noses of the parents who see them every day and fail to note all the changes occurring.

I’m thrilled when a family is committed to recording their children’s early years as they pass so very quickly (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time). Recording their development regularly helps to capture all those stages, both beautiful and awkward, that they pass through on their journey to adulthood. This time is fleeting and precious. Images such as the one below can preserve them for you to savour when these years are a distant memory.


It’s great fun to recreate the shoot in the same location each time to really show how much they change while the environment remains. It really brings home the message about how quickly it all goes…

Get in touch with me if you would like to capture your children and teens as they are, right now.  Record this moment in their young lives before it’s gone forever. Please contact the studio on 020 8748 1988 or email by clicking here if you are interested in Family Portrait Photography. 

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