Kensington Gardens in London is the most fabulous location for a family portrait shoot and spring is probably my favourite time of the year to take portraits outdoors. The world suddenly burst into a riot of colour and pretty blossom which creates the most wonderful backdrop particularly for teenage portrait photo shoots.

The teenage years are a time of immense change in a young person’s life as they transform from a young, innocent child and begin to emerge as the adult they are to become with a whole world of adventure and opportunity in front of them. A teenage portrait shoot is a wonderful way to celebrate and capture this special moment in a young person’s life and can also be an enormous boost of confidence.

“Thank you once again the whole experience has given Lydia so much confidence and I think she now believes she is a wonderful beautiful young lady!  Off to University with confidence I say!” Maggie Campbell  click here to view link

The shoot itself is a lot of fun and is a wonderful way for a teenager to explore their independent style. The shoot normally starts with a wardrobe styling session in the London Studio in Hammersmith. Many of my clients go shopping before hand to select clothes for their shoot which represent their latest style. I also suggest to clients to look through magazines and rip out images which they like. This a great way of developing a sense of identity, style and their very own independent look. Some teenagers opt for a fashion shoot and bring up to 5 different outfits. I also greatly recommend using one of my makeup artists to help change the look and hair during the session in order to capture a variety of styles.

I had a fabulous shoot with Mia and Anna in Kensington Gardens . For their session they wore their own clothes, skinny jeans and bomber jackets, but I was also very kindly lent some gorgeous, exquisite and luxurious cashmere by N Peal. The pretty pink colour completed the spring blossom beautifully I thought. Enjoy the blog.

If you would like to do a family or teenage portrait shoot please contact the studio on 07958 511 819 or email by clicking here. I look forward to photographing you soon.

School's Out Forever!
London Portrait Shoot at The Houses of Parliament

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