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Recently I had the pleasure of having a portrait photo shoot with Anne Sebba.


Anne is a fascinating and accomplished woman, having worked as a journalist, biographer, lecturer, presenter and former Reuters foreign correspondent. She has written nine critically acclaimed non fiction books mostly about iconic women who enjoyed using power and influence in different ways. Her subjects have included Mother Theresa, Laura Ashley and Wallis Simpson. She is a fabulous and beautiful lady very much in the prime of her life.portrait-photographer-london_0002


Her recent novel, in which I am currently engrossed, is titled Les Parisiennes and is about women in Paris from 1939-1949. There are stories about resisters, collaborators, spies, writers, actresses, couturiers, designers, housewives and prostitutes. It’s a fascinating read about the role of women in France during that fraught time in history.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Anne and to do a London portrait photo shoot with her in her handsome London town house in Richmond. I find it a particular challenge to capture that intelligence and world wisdom of a subject in a photograph, usually in a short time, given the busy lives of women such as this.portrait-photographer-london_0003

Anne was delighted with her portraits and I would like to share her testimonial below:

“I could not have been more thrilled with my portfolio of images from Serena. The photographs are exactly what I hoped for!

As an author I constantly need publicity pictures that do not make me look too glamorous or over made up nor too serious but sincere and approachable – and just glamorous enough in case any of those pesky film producers take a look!

Serena was wonderfully friendly and swift without any of the fussy paraphernalia I expected and succeeded in making me the best version of myself that I could possibly be without departing too much from the reality!

These will be extremely useful in all sorts of ways and I am thrilled to use them as the image of myself to accompany my new book .  And we had a fun time, too!”portrait-photographer-london_0004

As a portrait photographer I set out to catch the essence of my subject in a series of natural and flattering portraits. My photographs do not embellish or alter but have a spontaneous and distinctive way of showing the character of my subject in unique, authentic and distinctive images.

My aim is to give you more than just an amazing photo of yourself. I want to give you a great experience so that you leave the photo shoot with a skip in your step and feeling good about yourself.

If you are looking for a new portrait or headshot for work, social media or pleasure, please contact the London Studio to organise your London portrait photo shoot on +44 7958 511 819

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