Happy Mother’s Day to all you gorgeous Mum


I wish all you Mums a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY


As Mothers we are generally unselfish creatures. We are loving and cherish our children. We nurture them, put them first and we work hard to create and record lasting memories of their childhoods.  We take endless snaps of our children on our smart phones and videos which we may well never watch. But how often do we step out from behind the camera and get in the photos ourselves?  If you were to print out and put all our ‘family memory snaps’ into an album, how much would you, the mother, actually feature?

Often it’s simply because we are taking the photos but I find that when a client books a shoot with me (and it is normally the mother making the booking) my clients say ‘it’s just for the children, I don’t want to be in the photos’ or ‘I may jump in for one at the end but really, it’s about the kids’.  But it isn’t only about the children. It’s about a family and that includes the mother who is often the most important person in their lives.  Yes, though it doesn’t always feel like it, our children treasure us too and will more and more, the older they get. And one day (hopefully in the very distant future) they won’t have us anymore.  And when they go back through the albums and digital files, are they going to be able to find a beautiful image of their beloved mother? And why not? Don’t they deserve to have that to hold on to in the future when all they have left is memories?  The mother is omnipresent in their daily lives so why should she not feature in the photos?

Why not use Mothering Sunday as the excuse, the impetus, to book a family shoot?  One that actually includes Mum, and while we are at it, Dad. Or a Mother and Daughter/Son session or a mulit-generational shoot including grandparents?

007 family portrait photograhy london

Or perhaps even better, and more spoiling, a Quintessential Woman shoot which captures the many facets of a woman’s life, celebrating her as she is, right now. Many women put off a shoot thinking ‘well, I’ll do one when I lose a bit of weight or look a little better’. But the reality is time only moves one direction and we mostly don’t get ‘thinner’ or more attractive as we age, so why put it off?

W11 family photographer 06

If you would like to give yourself/wife/partner or your mother a treat with a confidence-building, fun and fabulous photographic shoot, email me and say “I’m in” or call 07958 511 819.  I look forward to capturing the beauty of the mums out there.

With very best wishes

Serena x


“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”




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