This Mother’s Day, be a part of the memory and step in front of the camera


Give Mum something meaningful for Mother’s Day


My favorite thing about Mother’s Day are the cards the kids make at school. They are so….honest!

My daughter is 10 so she doesn’t make them anymore, but my son is 6 and the things he writes are truly funny. Of course, like every mother, I have kept them all.

Today my son broke up for the Easter holidays, and the teacher handed me all the artwork, the Spring term report, the “optional” homework pack, and the Mother’s Day card. I had to peek. It says “Dear Mama, Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for cooking dinner, lunch and breakfast. Love from Alex”

I just looked at last year’s: “Dear mum hapy muthers day I luv you Theng you for oll mi presuns bi Alex.” It’s nice to see that the spelling and punctuation have improved by leaps and bounds, but the feelings are still pretty basic…at least I know he appreciates all the work I do at home!

What I am missing from these past years are photos of me with the kids. I only have photos from the first Mother’s day when they were babies. As with the cards in my scrap book, I wish I had photos of me with them every year. Wouldn’t that be a treat? Not just for me, but one day perhaps they would like to look at them too.

Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of working with Serena who will be taking our family photo in a few weeks’ time. I can’t wait, especially to see the finished product. I will be back to share my experience…


My work brings me so much pleasure and I love capturing what Mothers’ love the most and creating beautiful memories that they can enjoy and cherish forever. If you too would like to capture what matters most to you or are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift or interested in doing a Mother & Child Portrait shoot please contact the studio on 07958 511 819 or email by clicking here

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