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My work celebrates women - what matters most to them and their achievements.

When I heard that the Oxford and Cambridge women's boat race was taking place on the same course and on the same day as the men's race race this year and that a historic moment was about to take place on my doorstep I was keen to have the opportunity to photograph images of the women's teams as these women are certainly at the top of their game, and as such are a real inspiration to other women.

My enquiries led me contact Professional Sports Group (PSG) who manage all media/photography requests. PSG very kindly invited me to attend the Crew Announcement and Weigh In a few weeks ago and yesterday to join one of the press launches which followed the teams up the river on their last day of training before today's historic Newton Women's Boat Race on the Tideway course.

Such is the significance of the occasion that Clare Balding is abandoning the Grand National which she has covered for 21 years to cover the event. "I've worked on 21 Grand Nationals" Balding tells the Telegraph Sport "and of course it's an amazing and huge event. But this is the first ever Women's Boat Race on the Tideway to be televised live. That is enormous. This won't come around again. There won't be a second first time."

It was a beautiful morning and a wonderful treat to be out on the river in the sunshine witnessing what is to be today a historic moment.

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