The art of flowers in portrait photography


How I use the gorgeous natural backdrop of flowers in a children or teen photoshoot

Women portrait amongst flowers

Anyone who knows my photography knows that I love to shoot outdoors. And, while light and weather conditions make the photoshoot technically more challenging, nothing compares to the backdrop provided by nature. They will also know that I particularly love to a conduct a children or teen photoshoot outside, creating playful and sometimes dreamlike photographs.

Many photographers will use a floral backdrop in studio portraits or shoot girls with flowers in their hair, again in the studio. This can look lovely but is an artifice I tend to avoid. It seems that very few do what comes so naturally to me which is to shoot them out of doors where they so obviously belong.

Of all the seasons, Spring is my favourite for outdoor portrait shoots. Nothing compliments the natural beauty and innocence of children and teens like flowers. The delicacy of Spring flowers lends an almost ethereal quality to the images. It also reminds me of the trend for Japonisme with artists and artisans during the 19th century. Incidentally, the subject of a new Van Gogh exhibition this year at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam...

Shooting amongst blooms lends a painterly aspect to my portraits as you can see here.

portrait photographer london girl in magnolias

Photographer London Teen Photo Shoot

Portrait Photographer London girl with flower

It also provides a fantastic textured background to the photographs.

Click here to view a complete teen At Home and On Location Springtime shoot. 

If you are ready to let me create your masterpiece outside, this Spring, contact me at the West London Studio at or on 07958 511819 to arrange an At Home and On Location children or teen photoshoot.

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”



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