In our ongoing collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global leader in management consulting, we’ve had the privilege of capturing unique headshots that break away from the conventional. These portraits, taken within BCG’s contemporary and vibrant office spaces, aim to reflect the individuality and dynamism of their team.

Our partnership with BCG represents our dedication to redefining the traditional concept of headshot photography. These regular photoshoots offer a glimpse into the diverse personalities that drive BCG’s global impact.

These headshots are a testament to BCG’s innovative spirit and the richness of their talent pool. As we continue this project, we look forward to showcasing the exceptional individuals who contribute to BCG’s success, one portrait at a time.

“Serena is an absolutely fantastic photographer! She puts her subjects at ease and captures photographs from the outlined brief, with a quick turnaround on the finalised edit. I would highly recommend her to colleagues, friends and family.”


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