Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with CLEARBELL, an established real estate fund management and advisory business. On multiple occasions, I had the opportunity to create environmental portraits of their dedicated staff within the familiar surroundings of their offices, including the boardroom and nearby areas.

The portraits have found a special place of honor on the walls of CLEARBELL’s boardroom, forming a tasteful addition to their decor. It’s a reflection of our collaborative efforts to capture the essence of their team in a visual form

“I felt as a team we were hugely lucky to have Serena. She isn’t just a professional and brilliant photographer! Serena is way more than that! She’s a creative perfectionist, effervescent, warm and very engaging which means she can only bring out the best in you. I believe you truly will get the best pictures you could ever hope for.
businessman in suit with no tie
headshot portrait of businesswoman in carved doorway
Headshot of man in white shirt
Corporate portrait of man in suit leaning on railing
corporate headshot of young man in blue tie
business headshot photography portrait of a woman in black against a reflective stone wall
headshot against bright blue background
Portrait of woman in suit against light background
modern corporate headshot of woman leaning on marble table
outdoor corporate headshot of man at pink table in front of cafe
corporate portrait of man in suit with bench
corporate portrait London woman against star background
modern corporate headshot of man leaning on railings
modern corporate headshot of man leaning on railings
headshot of man in suit and tie
corporate headshot of man in suit and tie
headshot of man with purple tie
corporate portrait of businesswoman reflected in wall
portrait of businessman in suit against textured wall
corporate portrait of woman overlooking London
corporate headshot photography
corporate headshot of business woman in trouser suit with vibrant background
Headshot portrait of businessman
Business headshot of woman in black suit
headshot of woman in v cut jumper
portrait of lady with plum suit against light wall
wardrobe tips for women's professional headshots woman in aubergine jacket against blue background
personal brand portrait of woman in purple at cafe
outdoor corporate headshot of woman against brass door
Company headshot of woman reflected in bronze door background
portrait headshot of businessman
outdoor corporate headshot of man with reflection
businessman in portrait with red tie
businessman headshot young man in red tie
corporate portrait of many at cafe table
portrait of businesswoman at table in cafe
headshot of young woman leaning against wallt work
women's professional headshots
corporate portrait of a businesswoman on a balcony
corporate headshot of businesswoman amongst flowers

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