The Importance of Corporate Portraits

January 11, 2018 | PORTRAITS

Corporate Portraits in the Modern Context


Corporate portrait at railing

Nothing is more important for your business than your image. Your public face. The first impression that your customers get of you. Due to the advent of the digital age, first impressions are often given by your website. And the images are nearly always of your employees. Your most important asset! As a result, it's vital to have the correct portraits. After all, the right corporate portraits project integrity and professionalism. In some industries they will inspire trust and reliability. With others, the photos will project other qualities, for example, originality and creativity.

In short, fantastic portraits are more important than ever before. And this is where I can help. I have ten years experience in corporate portraits. And my client list includes Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, Clearbell, South Square and Hermes amongst others.

Serena Bolton Corporate Portraits


As a portrait photographer my goal is to capture the essence of my subject in a series of professional yet approachable, natural and flattering portraits.

My approach is professional yet informal. And my clients say that I am intuitive with a natural ability to empathise and connect with people. As a result, they are put at ease and feel comfortable in front of the camera. This allows me to capture the very best version of my subject. The images below show what I can achieve in my corporate portraits.

Serena Bolton Photography offers the discerning client the finest personalised and genuinely bespoke service. Your company is unique and your photography should be too. Click here to see a complete corporate portrait shoot.

If you need corporate portraits for your staff, please contact the studio on 07958 511819 or email for further information.


“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”



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