How to prepare for corporate headshots

Achieving the best possible corporate headshots 

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Time is money, so it’s important that your corporate headshots photoshoot runs smoothly and that you get the best out of your photographer. As with most things, a little advance preparation can really make all the difference.


Man in suit sitting at boardroom table with hands folded

When planning your corporate Headshots photoshoot:

Firstly, it all starts with the brief. It’s important that you are clear about what you are hoping to achieve with your headshots. What image do you wish to project? What do you wish for your portraits to say about yourself, or your employees, and your brand? The next step is to articulate those thoughts for your photographer. The more you are able to distil down this essence of how you want to portray yourself or your company in advance of your shoot, the more you will get out of your corporate photography. Read this for more on how to choose your corporate headshot photographer.

Man in business suit gazing out of window with hands folded.

If you are planning for your whole team, spend time to reflect on which shots are required, the groups that might be shot together and the location for the group shots. For example, is a boardroom shot desired? If so, make sure that you advise your photographer (and that the boardroom is clean and ready on the day of the shoot).

Portrait of man in business casual dress on street with reflective double portrait

Next, think about how the images will be used. Are they classic headshots for a website directory (very old school) or are they going to be more of a 3/4 body lifestyle shot?  This will greatly impact the look of your website and the story you are telling. Once you have considered this, then decide whether some location shots would be suitable. A cityscape background or less formal shots in a local cafe or around the area of your office are often very effective. Should you have a pre-shoot meeting with your photographer, they will no doubt scout out locations for you.


Business portrait of woman reflected in black wall

How to prepare for corporate headshots:

  • Solid, soft and muted colours usually photograph best. Avoid logos, bold patterns, large stripes and neon.
  • Make sure all clothes are either new or clean and pressed. They should fit well with no pulling at the chest or waist when hands are on hips for example.
  • Consider the neckline which best suits you. Layering with a jacket also works well.
  • Bring 2 different outfits. A selection of 2 or 3 ties for men is a good idea.
  • Stylish shoes or boots. Even if you don’t normally wear heels, consider the length of line they can add on the day.
  • Simple accessories and jewellery. A pocket square for men can give a touch of individuality
  • Glare free glasses.
  • Have a haircut a week or so before the session. If you colour your hair, make sure you do it a few days beforehand to avoid grey hair/dark roots.
  • Have hair styled before the session (women).
  • Do natural make-up which is slightly heavier than usual. Nothing too sparkly or shiny. If you are not comfortable creating this look, ask your photographer to recommend a professional make up artist.
portrait of businessman in suit no tie at outdoor pink cafe table

Preparation really is the key to an efficient, cost-effective corporate photoshoot. Then it’s up to your professional photographer to provide the creativity and the expertise to capture amazing portraits of your team.

Businessman in suit shown in office against London cityscape

If you are ready to take control of your corporate image with some fantastic new portraits, I would love to help. You can email me on, ring me on 07958511819 or click to book a Zoom or telephone conversation.

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