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Is it time for professional business headshots?

starting anew in 2022? you’ll need professional business headshots.

New year, new you? Is it time for a change of career? Starting a business? Received a new commission? Launching a new album or book? Then it’s time for new professional business headshots.

It’s the time of year for new beginnings where we draw a line under the old versions of our life and begin again. And when we have a fresh start, we need to refresh our profile. And to do this, we need new portraits. In thinking about those, there are a lot of things to consider. For example, what image do we wish to project? How do we look a little more up to date than our last portraits?

And then we need to think about the type of photography. Do we want more formal professional business headshots or are we looking for more lifestyle photography? Are we looking for more of a personal brand photoshoot (especially useful if we are launching a new business)? Or do we want an executive portrait? (Read here for more on this type of portrait). And you should think about what you want your portraits to look like, Do you want them to be natural or more styled? And would you like natural lighting or artificial? Should they be indoor or outdoor?

Choosing your photographer

And, once we think we know what type of portrait we might like, we have to go about choosing a photographer. So what is the best way to do this? Well, to find a business portrait photographer there are several things one can do. Firstly, we can ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation. Secondly, there is always Google but what would you put in to the search? Probably corporate headshot photographer, business portraits, corporate portraiture or business headshots.

Once you find some photographers whose work you like and would suit the style you have decided on, you should establish your budget. I would advise being as generous as possible with this. You are having these portraits made to sell yourself. And it stands to reason that you do not wish to sell yourself short! This is your future you are investing in. Your image, which precedes you in the world and in business. So don’t skimp on your investment or you will not be doing your new self any favours!

As soon as you have chosen a photographer and secured the date of your photoshoot, it’s time to start planning. The best results come from planning and you want to be thrilled with your portraits.

Read here for more information about preparing for your corporate portraits

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