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feeling nervous about your business headshots?

How to feel confident for your business headshots

Are you putting off your business headshots because you are not sure how to put your best foot forward? Worried that you might not like how you look in your pictures? Or that they won’t show the best version of you? Like most things, a successful photoshoot depends on preparation. And that includes not just planning the shoot, but also preparing yourself. Which is why I’m sharing my advice for preparing yourself for your headshots. 

It goes without saying that you will want to have a plan for what you will wear and how you will style your hair. And of course that you will want to get. a good night’s sleep before your photoshoot. But it’s worth thinking of a few other things so that when you get your 15 to 20 minutes with the photographer, you can get what you want from your portrait. The key is to know yourself.

For example, what is your ‘best side’? Everyone has one, as very few faces are symmetrical. But do you know which is yours? It might be worth just taking a few selfies or getting a friend or partner to help you out with the pictures and an honest opinion. It would also be advisable to have a practice session with your hair and makeup to make sure you have that right. You can always go for a free makeover at a department store beauty counter or a SpaceNK to be sure that your makeup is flattering and up to date. And there’s no harm in investing in a professional hair and makeup artist for your session. After all, your digital image will proceed you in business and life.

If you know that you are the type of person who will get very nervous before your photoshoot, you will need to work on ways to calm yourself. Whether through breathing exercises, meditation, tapping or aromatherapy. Having a positive and relaxed mindset as you go into your shoot will make all of the difference. Another idea is to have music playing that makes you feel happy and uplifted or calm and relaxed. If that is your mood, it will show through in your images.

And if you are choosing the photographer, make sure that you find someone who does not do a conveyor belt style of headshot photoshoot. You want someone who will spend time with each subject. Who is good at connecting with people and putting them at their ease. After all, this type of photographer is investing time in getting the best version of each subject.

(If you are choosing a photographer for your headshots and need some advice, read my blog on this subject.)

Your photographer should be able to help you with the posing. But it’s not a bad idea to practice in front of the mirror. Smile, relax and repeat. Just to see what smile works best and looks natural and unforced.

If you put the time in to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically, you will get the most out of your business headshots. They should be good enough to use not just professionally but on your social media accounts and even dating apps. Just invest time in yourself. You’re worth it!

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