Why you need modern corporate headshots

Updating your brand image with modern corporate headshots

Are your corporate portraits a bit out of date? Things have moved on so far from the annual company yearbooks of old. Now people want to know who they are doing business with. To put a face to the name. To have a connection and more personal experience. And for this reason it is imperative that you have modern corporate headshots.

People are looking for authenticity and a clear understanding of brand values when choosing companies to work with these days. A big, faceless entity is not what people want to engage with. So it’s important that the companies feature their staff on their websites and in social media.

So many do this with very standardised, grey-background company headshots. And that works for some very large companies does not really work for smaller companies who want to show the world a more friendly face. Smaller businesses, creative businesses and dynamic, forward-looking businesses are abandoning that standard corporate portrait for a more modern corporate headshot.

So what is the difference? What does a modern corporate headshot or corporate portrait photography look like? Well, they are more like the examples on this page. A headshot which gives a bit more personality. More context. And a better sense of the company culture. It might be a 3/4 portrait rather than a head and shoulder headshot. A modern corporate headshot is more likely to be taken around the office, in the lobby or outside of the office.

They might also include group portraits but done in a more informal way, eg. sitting around in a workspace chatting and drinking coffee or laughing together. These portraits tell a bit more about the company culture and a sense of what it means to work there.

No one wants to look old-fashioned and behind the times. And businesses of any size cannot afford to look as though they do not value their employees. 

If you are ready to take control of your company’s image with some fantastic new corporate headshots, I would love to help. You can email me on serena@serenabolton.com, ring me on 07958511819 or click to book a Zoom or telephone conversation.

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