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Are you happy with your professional image?

Why the correct professional image is so important

Portrait Photographer London_0011

As a professional, you can come in contact with dozens of new people every day — commuting, in meetings, at lunch, or traveling between them. Your image is talking to potential clients and contacts, even when you’re not. You (and your business) may have all the substance in the world, but if you don’t project a strong, professional image to go with it, people aren’t going to respond the way you want them to.

As somebody wise once said, your public image creates expectation. It represents who you are and what you do. It is a reflection of your private self image. If your self image needs an occasional boost, you can start by improving your public image. When you portray yourself to the world as confident and competent, you actually increase your self confidence and credibility. You achieve optimum results because people respond more positively. As your image will precede you, it is vitally important to have the right professional portrait to tell the story you wish to tell.

Happily the days of dull corporate portraits are over. And now you can present the image that projects your personality. As well as reflecting the type of industry you are in. Sometimes it’s easier to look confident and professional in a location portrait that possibly relates to your business. Or just provides a more interesting backdrop! The location portrait shows you in your element, perhaps at your desk or in front of your building. Here are some examples of location professional portraits I have taken in recent years:

Portrait Photographer London Businessman with dog

Portrait Photographer London lady with flowers

Portrait Photographer London man in white shirt by railings

Portrait Photographer London Missoma co owner

Portrait Photographer London Manesh in scarf

Portrait Photographer London lady in trouser suit against doorway

Portrait Photographer London restauranteur

Portrait Photographer London polka dots

Portrait Photographer London Wilson against lamp post

Portrait Photographer London Baroness Jenkin houses of parliament

Portrait Photographer London sitting outside cafe

Portrait Photographer London colourful corporate shot

Portrait Photographer London contrasting brick walls

Portrait Photographer London Missoma owner

Portrait Photographer London corporate shot


Is your headshot doing you justice?

Not happy with the image you are projecting? Then you need a new professional portrait. To discuss a new image of yourself or your employees, please contact the West London studio on 07958 511 819 or email serena@serenabolton.com for further information.

Serena Bolton Photography offers the discerning client the finest personalised and genuinely bespoke service. Your image is unique and your photography should be too. Click here to see another blog on a corporate portrait shoot.



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