Capturing memories with custom photo albums

When my family gets together at my parents’ house, the first thing we do is pull out the photo albums. We gather in the living room in often in small groups and go through the albums, one by one. There are 26 in total in situ here. Sadly there won’t ever be more. This is because my late mother was the curator of our family memories. She passed away 5 years ago so the trail goes cold there. Even though it seemed like a waste of her energy during her illness, she was adamant that she get all her photographs into the albums while she could. We are all so grateful that she did. And I’m pretty sure they are also the one thing everyone would agree to save in a fire. Thank God she captured all those memories with the photographs and took the time to put the into making custom photo albums.


Creating an heirloom

What my mother did is to create an heirloom for our family. We grown up children do occasionally have the awkward conversation about what to do with various things when my 93 year old father passes, and the one subject which always comes up is the albums. While we all treasure them, we agree that we cannot split them up between the three of us. So we have decided that they go with my Sister as she, for various reasons, is the best choice to be the guardian of the family memories. This is not something we have undertaken lightly. And she is already planning the succession of the albums to her eldest daughter. We took this decision very seriously because there is only one set of albums and they are irreplaceable.

I hasten to stress that these are not the beautiful, professionally designed albums made by Queensberry of the type we have here at Serena Bolton Photography. These are frankly, often badly laid out, stuck in with plastic pages and magic corners which are falling out. Imagine what a treasure they would be if they were beautifully curated and designed and housed in handmade, gorgeous, bespoke albums? That would be another level heirloom. But we love them anyway and are so grateful that my blessed mother took the time, cared enough and spent even what turned out to be some of her last ‘well’ days, putting them together.


Precious Memories

Albums are precious collections of your family’s memories. To be treasured. They are your story. And they will provide countless joyous hours of reflection and laughter. These albums will be shared with new family members as they marry in, or are born into your family. And they will provide an account of your life and how you lived. What could be more precious than that?


Only the very best

Here at Serena Bolton Photography, we work with the finest album supplier in the world; Queensberry. Each album is handmade, bespoke and professionally designed. They are works of art. An appropriate showcase for your family’s memories and a treasure heirloom in the making.

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If you would like to capture those precious moments forever and preserve them in beautiful albums and collections to enjoy for a lifetime, then contact me at the West London Studio at or on 07958 511819 to arrange a Children and Family Photoshoot at Home and on Location. We also offer Gift Cards.


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