Extended family photo shoot in beautiful Sussex Garden

December 7, 2017 | CHILDREN & FAMILY


Lovely Family Photo Shoot on Location at Home in the Garden


Family photo shoot in Sussex Garde

Recently I had the immense pleasure of meeting the divine Campelli family.

The family is Italian, but partly based in England and when rest of the family came from Italy to visit, it created the ideal opportunity to capture the family as they are at this moment in time. Rather than a studio portrait, we decided to capture images of the family amongst the beautiful Spring blooms and buds in their picturesque garden.This multigenerational shoot consisted of Grandparents, Children and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Family photo shoot in Sussex Garden


Family photo shoots are something I adore, not least because of the inherent challenges they present. Dealing with sometimes difficult weather and light is just a part of it. I also have to get the children to cooperate and capture the family all looking their best and having fun. Sometimes I even have them climb up trees. and move the children around a bit to keep it fun and looking natural. In this shoot it took a little persuading to get the boys to work together and all look at the camera at the same time! But I think you can see from the images below that we got there in the end. You can also see the warmth, love and connection between the family members.


Family Photographer London

Family PHotographer London

Family Photography London

Family Photography London


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My aim is to create timeless, natural and classic portraits for the family to treasure forever. If you would like to capture your family, as they are right now, ring me on 07958 511819.


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