Fabulous Teen Photo Shoot on Location in Wiltshire

December 14, 2017 | TEEN

I recently had the extreme pleasure of doing a teen photo shoot on location at the Wiltshire home of the lovely Willa.


Teen photo shoot Willa bareback
Willa is a super girl and was up for having a shoot in which she was able to show what she loves: riding her horse. She also invited her friend Sophie over to share in the experience.

The girls chose to have professional hair and make up done by my preferred makeup artist, Amanda Durkin. The results as you can see, were super.

Teen photo shoot Sophie close up


We took some pictures in the house before moving outside into the rather bitter cold day to photograph Willa on her horse and around the stables. Photographing my subjects in their preferred environments makes them more relaxed and captures their true selves more clearly.

en photo shoot Sophie in chair

Teen photo shoot Willa in garden


Why Teen Photo Shoots are so Enjoyable


The teenage years are a time of immense change where young people have to navigate a safe path between childhood and adulthood. Some teenagers glide through with ease while others may find these years challenging and often have problems with self-confidence. In the world of global celebrities, Instagram, Facebook and selfies, teens are constantly exposed to images of physical perfection. And, not many feel that they match up. Sadly, few teenagers seem aware of the inherent beauty of their youth. Many suffer self-esteem issues or at best, moments of terrible insecurity. Yet young people are so alive, so gorgeous and bursting with possibility and I love to catch this vitality in my portraits.

I think you will agree that Willa and Sophie look fabulous and we had such a great time doing the shoot.

Teen photo shoot Willa with horse

Teen photo shoot Willa in top hat

Teen Photo shoot Willa in bunches

Teen photo shoot Sophie rock n roll



Afterwards, Willa wrote to me:

"You captured some fabulous photos of me and my horse. The lighting used was incredible and the photos you produced were very special. 

I thoroughly my enjoyed day being photographed and I would definately recommend this to anyone. It was amazing and Serena and Amanda were such fun to be with. Lots of laughs during a busy day!!"


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Book a Teen Photo Shoot for a young person in your life


My aim is to create timeless, natural and classic portraits for you to treasure forever. If you would like to give the teen in your life to an esteem-enhancing, uplifting experience with a Teen Photo Shoot then ring me on 07958 511819.


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