Family Photo Shoot in Kensington Gardens

“Our Family Photo Shoot in Kensington Gardens with Serena”

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This blog is a bit different: it’s written by a happy client who booked a family photo shoot in Kensington Gardens. Read on to hear about their experience…

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“What a treat it was to have our family photo shoot in Kensington Gardens with Serena.

I was a bit nervous and camera shy at first, but Serena put me and the children immediately at ease.

My daughter wanted to wear her ripped dungarees, which I thought would be inappropriate. However, Serena insisted she should wear what she’s most comfortable in, as this is who she is now, and she was right.

First, Serena spent some time with each child in their rooms, photographing them in their surroundings, doing what they love to do. Whether it’s reading a book, knitting (the latest craze), or playing with lego. 

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Serena took some group shots of the four of us in our sitting room, and then we headed outside.

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Getting outside into Kensington Gardens for a change of scene

Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0063 Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0062

Moving the shoot outside re-energised the children. With Kensington Gardens in all it’s Springtime glory, we had a fantastic backdrop for our photos. Serena encouraged us to do what we normally do while spending time in the park – walking, playing football.
Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0064Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0078

The experience was relaxing, natural, and fun. Serena really connected with the children and brought out their character – even when my 6 year old became fussy and grumpy, Serena carried on and got some great shots.”        CHIARA

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Why I love to do family photo shoots in Kensington Gardens or one of London’s other amazing parks

Capturing the connection between family members is what makes my images special and what motivates me. I hope to make my family sittings informal and each session enjoyable as possible so its great to get outside, to Kensington Gardens or another one of London’s amazing parks, where the kids can run around and be natural and free. I also find that families tend to feel far more relaxed outside and the portraits therefore less posed.

Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0065

Family Shoot Kensington Gardens_0071

My job is to make everyone relax and have fun and enjoy the shoot. Above all else: to capture your family, as you are right now creating images that you can enjoy now and display on the walls in your home. I also create beautiful, bespoke handcrafted albums to reflect back on in the years to come as your children grow. And for them to hand down to their children one day. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on all those memories?

Why not get in touch? Please contact me by email or call the studio 07958511819

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Click here to view some fabulous images from various spring shoots. Enjoy.


“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”



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