Family Photo Shoot on Location at Home and in the Park

Why I had a Family Photo Shoot…

Claridge's summer wedding_0029 Family Photo Shoot on Location in Chiswick

I am a mother of three boys aged 14, 12 and 9. And I hate having my picture taken. With a passion. I will do most things to avoid being in front of the camera. Meanwhile, I happily snap away at my children and husband with my iPhone. As a result, I never have to pose for the camera, adopt a ‘selfie face’ or worry that I close my eyes in almost every photo. This is a huge relief. However, there is a downside…

If photos are how we keep alive special memories, then I practically don’t exist. My boys appear to have all their holidays, Christmas and spontaneous silly moments without me. This is actually quite tragic. I mean, am I not meant to have the starring role in my own life? When my children look back, will they remember that I was there on that particular day? Or what I looked like?

Having lost my own mother a few short years ago, I am grateful that she was not as camera shy as I am. As a result, I can see her beautiful face (all mothers are beautiful to their children) at any time. And, I can compare her features to those of my growing children. I can see how much younger she looked at my age than I do (depressing, but interesting nonetheless). I can remind my youngest child, who most resembles her, what she really looked like, as he is almost too young to remember her.

It is for these reasons that I booked a family photo shoot with Serena. I love her work and believe that if anyone can capture a special family moment it will be her. I also knew that she was my best chance of capturing a flattering image of me, without artifice or alteration. She is a genius at making a connection with her subjects and at putting everyone their ease which is useful, as one of my sons shares my dislike for the camera….

We did the first part of the shoot at our house, snapping the boys engaged in their various passions. Serena was a whizz at getting them to engage with her and relax in front of the camera. Then a few shots of my husband and I, followed by some of my sons. Finally, a few shots of the whole family.  Next, we went over to Chiswick House where Serena encouraged the boys to climb on statuary and in trees while snapping away. I’m sure you will agree that she got some wonderful images and I’m even allowing a couple of me to appear. So you know that I am happy with them. And pleased that my children will have these images to treasure throughout their lives.

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Book a Family Photo Shoot now and preserve your family in beautiful images which last a lifetime


I truly encourage you to capture your family, as you are, right now with a family photo shoot. And don’t forget to get into the photos yourself! Personally, I would recommend Serena for her talent but also for her warmth and humour which allow even the most reluctant model to relax.

Click here to see another example of a London location family photo shoot.


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