Father's Day portrait shoot

Make this Father’s Day special with a Father’s Day Photoshoot

What matters most to modern men? Their families of course. Especially in times like these, where our priorities become so clear. They may be busy working men with huge influence, power and responsibility but ask them what is most important to them and they will say their families. Ask them who or what they are and they will say “A Father”. Which is why a Father’s Day Photoshoot is a great way to celebrate what matters most to them.

Fathers are so important not just traditionally as providers but as a model for children to emulate, the person who provides boundaries, who sets a moral compass for them. And it is right to celebrate them this June 17th with a Father’s Day photoshoot.

And modern fathers also get to participate more in the daily lives of their children. Whereas a generation ago, fathers didn’t help out with bath time, meals and organising children’s activities, they are now not only able but expected to participate fully in their their children’s upbringing. My own father probably never changed a nappy or given one of his children a bath, and I am sure that he, like generations of men before him, were the poorer for missing out on those treasured moments of everyday life.

The Father’s Day photoshoot

Everyday life is what I like to capture with my family portrait photoshoots. Of course, it’s lovely to have everyone all dressed up and posing for a formal portrait. But nothing captures family life like a photoshoot at home with Dad doing all the normal things. Baths, bedtime book reading, playing with toys and going to the park. For this is what the modern father does. And it’s a joy to witness and to capture and preserve as memories for when those children are all grown up.

Father's Day photo shoot
london family portrait photography Father's Day
London Portrait Photographer Father's Day
London Family Portrait Photographer Father's Day
Dad with girl in red dress
Father with three teenage children
Dad in blue shirt with daughter
Father with young son and daughter
Father with daughter
Father with newborn baby

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If you are ready to give the dad in your life the best Father’s Day present ever with a Father’s Day Photoshoot, contact me at the West London Studio at serena@serenabolton.com or on 07958 511819 to arrange a Studio or an At Home and On Location photoshoot. We also have Gift Cards.

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