mum, dad and baby in front of the London Eye

London Photoshoot

Photographing in the City!

Several times now I have been asked to create a London Photoshoot for someone who had a relative visiting from abroad. Or in a recent case, for one of my favourite clients who is moving back to the USA and wanted a very special souvenir of her life in London. As my mission is to make preserving precious memories easy, the idea of the London Photoshoot package was born.

I consider myself very privileged to live and work in London, the greatest city in the world. It’s so full of endless iconic buildings, cityscapes and monuments. London is not mannered and planned like Paris or Vienna, not small like Rome but varied and fascinating and majestic. So, it is out of my love of my adopted city, and a desire to offer something unique, which inspired me to create the London Photoshoot. This is not just for UK residents but for anyone coming to visit London.

What more could the discerning traveller desire? A unique, completely bespoke London Photoshoot, capturing memories and preserving them forever.

The perfect London Photoshoot

The whole city is a background for photography and lends itself so well to photographic shoots. Even the weather is often in our favour. For, as any professional photographer will tell you, overcast days are the best for outdoor photography. Honestly, bright, sunny days are very limiting! So I will help my clients choose the very best locations, plan an itinerary and leave time for spontaneity as we drive around in an iconic black cab and visit locations which are particularly resonant with my clients.

My clients are time poor, multi-taskers, with busy lives.  While on holiday, they don’t want the hassle of finding a photographer, specifying what they want, having the photoshoot, then choosing photos, having them printed, buying an album and sticking all the photos in. They want a bespoke album, professionally designed for them. And a fun, uplifting and enjoyable photoshoot taking in the very best that London has to offer.

About Serena Bolton Photography

So, if you have a friend or family member visiting from abroad or are visiting London would like to record an iconic day of your trip, please contact me at the West London Studio to inquire about the London Photoshoot. Reach me at or on 07958 511819. Or if you would like to give a truly unique, personalised gift, we have Gift Cards.

Find out more about our family photography

Serena Bolton Photography offers the finest personalised and genuinely bespoke service. Your image is unique and your photography should be too.

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”



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