What is Personal Branding Photography (and why is it important)?

Personal branding photography is a specialised service focused on capturing a series of images that tell the story of your personal brand. Using portraits, lifestyle shots, product shots, shots of the creative process or client meetings etc., in order to give a complete picture of your business. Personal Branding Photography is crucial for individuals and entrepreneurs looking to create a strong and authentic online presence and to connect with and make a lasting impression on their target audience. The images can be used for a variety of professional and personal uses as they give a 360 degree view of your unique identity. Click HERE for an article on why Personal Branding photography makes such a difference to your digital identity.

What is the difference between a Personal Branding Photography Photoshoot and an Executive Portrait Photoshoot?

Personal Branding Photography is usually commissioned by entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and business owners to tell the story of their brand and business. While an Executive Photoshoot is for executives, CEOs and others who are established in their careers and wish to have a variety of portraits for use in all sorts of internal and external communications, including PR, Speakers’ Profiles, and so one. The Executive Photoshoot is normally a location portrait shoot of the individual but does not generally include product, process, hobbies etc. To book a chat to discuss which type of shoot would be most suitable for you, click HERE.

How do I prepare for a Personal Branding Photography session?

With preparation guides and pre-shoot consultations, we’ll guide you through the preparation process, including wardrobe selection, styling tips, and location choices. It’s essential to consider your brand colours, messaging, and the image you want to convey. We’re here to guide you through this process and ensure that you feel confident and prepared on the day of the session. For more on how to prepare for your Personal Branding Photoshoot, read this article HERE.

How far in advance do I need to book my Personal Brand Photography?

I often get booked up between one and three months in advance so I’d recommend that you book your shoot as early as possible in order to secure the date you wish and also to allow lots of time for preparation in terms of planning your desired shots, locations, hair and makeup looks and outfits.  To help kickstart your Personal Branding Photoshoot planning, read this article HERE on which shots you should plan for your shoot.

personal brand photography kensington gardens london
Executive Portraits Kensington
Can you help me choose the right location for my Personal Branding Photography shoot?

Absolutely! We can discuss your brand and preferences to select a location that aligns with your image. Whether it’s a professional office setting, my West London studio, or an outdoor environment, we’ll find the perfect backdrops for your personal brand. HERE is more about how we can help you find the perfect location for your personal branding shoot.

What is the difference between Personal Branding Photography and Corporate Portraits or Headshots?

While traditional headshots focus primarily on capturing your face, personal branding photography encompasses a broader scope. We aim to showcase your personality, values, and lifestyle using different locations, outfits, props and so on, providing a more comprehensive representation of your brand for a diverse range of marketing uses.

Do you offer makeup and styling services for your Personal Branding Photography and Executive Portrait Shoots?

Yes, we can recommend  experienced hair and makeup artists and stylists to ensure you look and feel your best. Professional grooming enhances the overall quality of the images and will make you feel more confident and prepared for your shoot. In fact, we work closely with a couple stylists and have an article HERE about how one of our stylits, Rosanna, can help you nail your Personal Branding photoshoot looks.

How will I receive the final images from my Personal Branding Photography Session?

Once the professional editing process is complete, (usually in two weeks, but less by arrangement), we’ll send you via WeTransfer all your selected low resolution digital negatives to download and keep. High resolution digital negatives are available on request. You’ll have the flexibility to use these images however you please on all digital and printed media.

What if I have specific ideas or concepts for my Personal Branding session?

We welcome your input and encourage collaboration! The more you are confident in your personal brand and feel able to share your vision, ideas or any specific concepts you have in mind, the better. We’ll work together to bring your unique personal brand to life through the photography session. And if you want to read more about preparing a brief for your professional branding photographer, read THIS.

What is a headshot, and why is it important for professional use?

A headshot is a professional photograph that focuses on your face, conveying a clear and approachable representation of yourself. Headshots are essential for professional use, whether on business websites, LinkedIn profiles, or marketing materials, as they create a strong first impression. You may have all the substance in the world but if you don’t project a strong image to go with it, people may not respond in the way that you wish. Your image is talking to potential employers, contacts and clients, even when you are not. So it’s important that your headshot is delivering the correct message. For more on why a professional headshot is so critical to your career, read HERE.

Why are Professional Headshots expensive?

While the initial investment in premium headshots may seem high, understanding the intricate process involved justifies the cost. From meticulous planning and professional equipment to trained, skilled photographers and post-production excellence, every element contributes to delivering a headshot that goes beyond a mere photograph – it becomes a powerful tool for personal and professional success. Choosing a premium headshot photographer is an investment in one’s image and brand that pays off in the long run.

Do I need Personal Branding Photography or Corporate Headshot Photography?

A headshot is a simple portrait, often head and shoulders with the sitter looking directly at the camera. Great for social media profiles and websites, a great headshot is essential to pretty much everyone.  In contrast, personal brand photography is really so much more than just a portrait, it’s about communicating the story of your personal brand and will also include more environmental shots, potentially product shots, flat lays of your desk, and so on. It’s essential to entrepreneurs, creatives and small and medium sized business owners. For more, read HERE.

What should I wear for a headshot session?

Opt for clothing that aligns with your professional brand and industry. Solid, soft or jewel colours work well, avoiding busy patterns or distracting accessories. We’ll provide guidance on wardrobe choices to ensure your outfit complements your overall look. And if you would like some more information, read this article HERE.

Can I request specific backgrounds for my headshot session?

Certainly! We offer a variety of background options, including neutral tones, colourful bright backgrounds by request and environmental settings, should you book a Studio + Park option. Feel free to discuss your preferences, and we’ll tailor the background to suit your professional brand.

Headshots Gray's Inn
Penguin author headshots
Do you offer retouching services for headshots?

Yes, we provide professional retouching services to enhance your headshots subtly. We aim to maintain a natural appearance that does not alter or embellish, while refining details to achieve a polished final result that aligns with professional standards.

Can I change outfits during my headshot session?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring a change of outfit to your Studio Headshot session, allowing for different looks and styles. And if you book a Studio + Park or Location Photoshoot, you can have two additional outfits to give you more variety. If you are a woman, you can read HERE for more about choosing what to wear for your professional headshot photoshoot.

How do I prepare for a headshot session?

We’ll provide you with detailed preparation guidelines, including tips on grooming, clothing choices, and any specific recommendations for a successful session. Following these guidelines will help you feel confident and prepared on the day of the shoot. And if you are considering a bit of professional help with hair and makeup, read THIS.

What if I'm not comfortable with the idea of having my headshot taken?

That’s ok – It’s completely normal to feel a bit uneasy initially. Many of our clients express unease about having their portrait made. Our team specialises in creating a comfortable and friendly environment. We’ll guide you through poses and expressions to capture a headshot that reflects your authentic and approachable self. If you would like more detailed advice on how to feel relaxed and confident for your headshot photoshoot, read this article HERE.

How do I receive the final images from my headshot session?

Once the editing process is complete (usually two weeks but we can often offer a quicker turnaround by arrangement) we will send you your low resolution negatives to download and use for all digital purposes, such as LinkedIn profiles, Instagram, business websites, and more. High resolution digital negatives available upon request.

Professional Corporate Portrait Photography

How many headshots do you shoot in a day?

Around 25 subjects for a full day corporate headshot photography shoot. That’s because we spend at least 15 minutes with each sitter. This allows us to connect with the individual, help put them at their ease and then capture a variety of great headshots. We normally spend a few minutes after the shooting to show each individual a selection of headshots so that they can choose up to 3 to 4 favourites. That way they leave the shoot confident that they are happy with their headshots.

How do I organise a Professional Corporate Portrait Photoshoot?

We will walk you through every step of the process. We will have an initial chat to gather details about your shoot such as the number of employees and to capture a brief. We will work with you to decide on locations, the style, the participants eg, do you need C-suite Photography? And we will help you manage the process, including providing an introductory email from the photographer, a PDF on how to prepare for the photoshoot and a timetable template that you can work from.  At the photoshoot, we will offer each sitter the opportunity to select their favourite portraits so that they feel happy with their corporate portraits. We find that this not only ensures that employees are happy but also reduces post-shoot admin for our clients. Should you like to read a bit more about organising corporate portrait photography, read this article HERE.

What sets your corporate portrait photography apart from others?

With over 20 years of experience as commercial photographers in London, we pride ourselves on delivering a premium product with an elegant, warm, and confident style. Our focus is on creating timeless and beautiful portraits that enhance your personal brand or corporate image. We do this while also giving your employees a superior experience: we spend 15 minutes with each sitter, taking time to put them at ease and capture the very best version of them. We also offer a selection service where at the end of their session they choose their favourite images. This ensures that they leave their session feeling confident about their images, helping make them feel valued and happy to be ambassadors for your business.

Do you provide on-location corporate photography services?

Yes, we offer on-location corporate photography services in London and all over the UK to provide the utmost convenience for our clients. Whether it’s at your office or a specific event venue, we can bring our expertise to you.  However should you wish to minimise disruption to your office, we also have a studio in West London where we can undertake your corporate headshots. You can read an article on why this might be a good option for your company HERE. And if you are feeling more adventurous or want some corporate portraits which really stand out and want some inspiration, read THIS.

What should I wear for a corporate photography session?

Firstly if your company has a dress code or requests a particular style of dress for the headshots, this will be communicated to you. But in general, solid, soft and muted colours usually photograph best. Avoid logos, bold patterns, large stripes and neon. Ensure that your jacket and shirt fit you well or it will be obvious in the photos, especially at the neck. Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new. Consider the neckline which best suits you. Big statement jewellery is best avoided as it can distract from the subject. Finally, natural make-up which is slightly heavier than usual. Nothing too sparkly or shiny. You can read more advice on what to wear for your corporate portrait photoshoot HERE.

Corporate headshots city of london
how corporate portraiture has changed man in jumper and shirt in hallway.
What corporate portrait photography image retouching services do you provide?

Our image retouching services include professional enhancements to ensure you look your best. We focus on subtle adjustments to maintain a natural appearance (we do not seek to alter or embellish) while refining details for a polished final result.

How do I receive the final images from my corporate photography session?

Once your images are ready (around two weeks, but less by arrangement), we’ll WeTransfer your images to you. From this you can view and download the low and high-resolution files in both colour and black and white. Additional services are also available upon request.

Family Photography

Why should I invest in professional family photography?

Most people say that their most precious possession is their photographs. That’s because photographs are a way of freezing a moment in time. Smartphone snaps are fine. They capture a moment and show a snapshot of daily life. But nothing records the changes in your family like a professional family photoshoot.  A family photography photoshoot is a celebration of your life together, so take advantage of this while you have this precious time together. One day, that moment will have passed and children will have grown. An experienced, professional photographer will capture better images of your family than you could possibly hope to achieve yourself. And, having a professional photographer means that you are in the portraits, not behind the camera and missing from your own family photos. For more on why you should have a family photography shoot whenever you can, read HERE.

What happens if it rains on the day of my family photography photoshoot?

If it’s raining, the session is not postponed as we can still get some great shots. I’ve been a family photographer in London for 20+ years and I am very used to rainy days and experienced in rainy day photography. We can have fun with umbrellas, put on our wellies and jump in puddles etc. And with an outdoor shoot, I aways find sheltered space which we can use in case the weather is inclement. In case of severe weather, however, we are happy to move the session to another date.

How do I prepare my family for a photoshoot?

We will have a pre-shoot consultation a few weeks before your family photoshoot where we can decide all of the details and you can ask any questions you may have.  It’s a great idea to get the children excited about the shoot by making it sound like a fun activity and involve them in the planning. Also, it’s a good idea to have favourite toys or teddies handy as well as  snacks to reward good behaviour and to keep energy levels up. HERE is a bit more about how to create a truly memorable day.

Can we bring props or special items to our family photography session?

Absolutely! Bringing personal items or props can add a unique touch to your family photos. Whether it’s a favourite toy, a blanket, or anything with sentimental value, feel free to incorporate these elements to make your session more personal and memorable.

family photography london
What is the best age for family photography?

We capture beautiful moments at every stage of childhood. From newborn sessions to capturing the energy of toddlers and the personalities of older children, there’s no specific age limit. After all, your family is what matters most to you, no matter what age. Having regular family photoshoots allows you to capture all of those stages in the lives of your children and preserve these precious memories forever, telling the story of your family. For each shoot we will accordingly tailor our approach to suit the age and dynamics of your family.

Can you accommodate outdoor family photography sessions?

Absolutely! We offer both studio and outdoor family photography sessions. Outdoor sessions provide a natural and relaxed setting, allowing for beautiful backdrops and candid moments. We can discuss location options that align with your family’s preferences. You can read a bit more about how we feel about this HERE.

What happens if my child is uncooperative during the family photography session?

This is just one thing you do not need to worry about. It’s completely normal for children to have moments of shyness or restlessness. I’m a mother of two children and have been conducting family photoshoots for over 20 years. I have a range of ways of coping with uncooperative children and generally engaging with them to capture genuine expressions. We’ll work at their pace, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for the entire family – including even the most reluctant child. To read more about how we handle recalcitrant children, click HERE.

Can extended family members be included in the session?

Absolutely! Extended family sessions are a wonderful way to capture multi-generational moments.  Let us know in advance, and we’ll plan the session to include all family members, ensuring everyone is featured in the photos. And HERE is how we accommodate family groups in an outdoor setting.

Do you provide albums and other products?

We are proud to offer a range of luxury, bespoke products to help you to enjoy your stunning portraits around your home or office. During your personal viewing session, I will guide and advise you in selecting your favourite portraits and discuss how to best display them. For a closer look at our beautiful albums, please read HERE.

Women’s Photography

What is a women photography photoshoot, and what makes it unique?

We offer a women’s photography photoshoot package called the Quintessential Woman Photoshoot. This is a special photoshoot designed to capture the beauty, strength, and individuality of the sitter. It focuses on creating empowering and elegant portraits that celebrate the essence of each woman. It’s like a Vogue cover shoot, with hair and makeup, change of outfits and locations. 

How can I prepare for a women's photography session?

When you book your photoshoot, we’ll provide you with detailed preparation guidelines and schedule a pre-shoot consultation which will include outfit styling and discussion about hair and makeup options for the day. The goal is to create a comfortable and empowering environment where you can express yourself authentically in front of the camera. 

Do you offer professional hair and makeup services for the Quintessential Woman Photoshoot?

Yes, we collaborate with experienced hair and makeup artists to enhance your natural beauty and create a look that aligns with the style of the session. You will meet the hair and make up artist at a pre-shoot consultation and decide on your looks for the photoshoot and on the day itself, they will be on hand throughout the shoot to touch up make up and change hairstyles as desired.

Can I include multiple outfits in my women's photography session?

Changes of outfit are absolutely a part of this photoshoot. Changing outfits allows for different looks and styles, adding variety to your collection of portraits. Often we start with a relaxed look such as jeans and a shirt, then a more dressy outfit culminating in often in a a designer black tie dress or ballgown. Some women also choose to have more intimate looks including lingerie or semi-undressed in your parter’s shirt for example. In total, we recommend preparing 5 different outfits, not forgetting accessories such as hats and shoes. We’ll work together with you to ensure each outfit looks wonderful on you and delivers the look you wish to achieve.

What if I'm not comfortable in front of the camera?

We specialise in creating a comfortable and empowering environment for women’s photography sessions. There is nothing you can do wrong – I will guide you through poses and expressions to ensure you feel at ease and confident, capturing the best version of yourself.

family photography london

Teen Photography

What is teen portrait photography, and why is it special for teenagers?

Teen portrait photography is a unique service that focuses on capturing the individuality, personality and spirit of teenagers. It’s a celebration of their journey into adulthood, creating lasting memories during this significant phase of life. It’s a fantastic boost and a world away from over filtered smartphone selfies. And it also leaves the teen with some great portraits for CVs as they head into the adult world.

How can a teenager prepare for a portrait photography session?

If they have some ideas they can create a Pinterest board to show the look they are keen to achieve. After all, this is a great opportunity to express themselves and define their style. We’ll provide guidance on wardrobe choices, styling tips, and suggestions for bringing personal items or props to make the session uniquely theirs. The goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience that captures their authentic self.

Can parents be involved in the planning of a teen portrait session?

Absolutely! We encourage collaboration with parents to ensure the session aligns with the teen’s preferences and family expectations. Your input is valuable in creating a session that reflects the teen’s personality and style.

Do you offer outdoor locations for teen portrait sessions?

Yes, we offer both studio and outdoor teen portrait sessions. Outdoor locations provide a natural and vibrant backdrop, allowing for a variety of poses and candid moments. We can discuss location options that suit the teen’s preferences.

Can a teen bring friends to their portrait session?

Yes, teens can bring friends to their teen portrait session. You can see an example of that HERE. It’s a fun way to capture shared memories of a friend or group of friends and create a relaxed atmosphere. We’ll work with the group to ensure everyone has a great experience during the session.

teen photoshoot london
Graduate Aniela posing in London street in a black dress.
Can a teen include hobbies or interests in their portrait session?

Absolutely! We encourage teens to bring items related to their hobbies, interests, or extracurricular activities. Incorporating these elements adds a personal touch to the portraits, making them more meaningful and reflective of the teen’s identity. And we can arrange the shoot location to accommodate the hobby, as you can see HERE in a shoot involving the teen’s horse.

What if a teenager is shy or not comfortable in front of the camera?

Our photographers specialise in working with teenagers, and we understand that everyone has their comfort levels. We’ll create a relaxed and supportive environment, guiding them through poses to ensure they feel at ease and confident.

London Photoshoot

What is a London photoshoot, and what makes it unique for families or couples?

A London photoshoot for families or couples is a special personal portrait photography session that captures the essence of your connection against the iconic backdrop of London’s streets. It provides a unique and memorable experience, blending the beauty of the city with your personal moments. And the best bit is that your memories of a very special day out in London will be not only captured, but preserved forever in a beautiful professionally designed, handmade, bespoke album for you to enjoy forever.

Which London locations do you recommend for a London photoshoot?

We have a curated list of stunning London locations that serve as picturesque backdrops for your photoshoot. Popular choices include historic landmarks, charming streets, parks, and iconic cityscapes. We can include not only the well known landmarks but also charming locations we have discovered over the years, We’ll work with you to choose locations that resonate with your style and preferences.

Can you accommodate specific requests for London locations as backdrops?

Absolutely! We welcome your input and can incorporate specific London locations that hold sentimental value for you. Whether it’s a favourite street, a park, or a landmark, we can plan the route to include specific London landmarks or locations that are meaningful to you. We’ll work together to ensure your photoshoot captures the essence of your connection in your chosen locations.

How do we prepare for a family or couple photoshoot on the streets of London?

We’ll provide detailed preparation guidelines, and have a pre-shoot consultation to nail down the details of your photoshoot including locations, special requests, outfits, etc.

What if the London weather is unfavourable on the day of the photoshoot?

London weather can be unpredictable, but we’re prepared to adapt after all, we shoot in London every week of the year. We are very adept at shooting with umbrellas and can adapt the shoot to incorporate shelter or explore indoor locations with character, as with the photoshoot HERE. (Link to Aguirre shoot) Your comfort and safety are our priorities.

london teen photoshoot

Senior and graduate Photoshoot

What is senior/graduation photography, and why is it important?

A senior photoshoot is a special session that captures the personality, and essence of seniors or school leavers. It’s a memorable way to mark this significant milestone and create lasting keepsakes, as in this example HERE.

A Graduation photoshoot is undertaken to mark the end of education and the graduation celebration, often undertaken during or following the graduation ceremony and including family members, as with this photoshoot HERE

When is the best time to schedule senior photoshoot?

The ideal time for a senior photoshoot is typically before the senior (last) year of secondary school. This ensures that the photos can be used for announcements, yearbooks, and other graduation-related purposes.

Can I bring multiple outfits to my senior or graduation photography photoshoot?

Absolutely! We encourage seniors to bring multiple outfits that reflect their style and personality. This allows for a variety of looks and moods in the photos. We’ll work together to ensure each outfit complements the overall theme of the session.

Do you provide hair and makeup services for senior photoshoots?

While we don’t include hair and makeup services by default, we work with some talented hair and makeup artists and stylists and can arrange for you to work with them if desired. Many seniors choose to get their hair and makeup done for a polished and confident look during the photoshoot.

Can I include props or personal items in my senior photoshoot?

Yes, absolutely! Bringing props or personal items can add a unique and meaningful touch to your senior photos. Whether it’s sports equipment, musical instruments, or items representing your hobbies and interests, feel free to incorporate them into the session.

senior shoot London boy in blue blazer
Can my family be included in a portion of the senior or graduation photoshoot?

Certainly! Including family members in part of the photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate the support and achievements of your senior year. We can plan to capture both individual portraits and group shots with family members. See HERE for an example.

Can we choose the location for the senior or graduation photography?

Absolutely! We can discuss location options based on your preferences. Whether it’s a scenic outdoor location, an urban setting around London, your home, my studio in West London or a place with sentimental value, we’ll work together to choose locations that resonate with you.

Weddings and Events

What services do you offer for luxury wedding photography and Professional Event Photography?

We offer comprehensive wedding and event photography services, capturing every moment from the ceremony to the reception. Our services include candid shots, group photos, and beautifully composed images that tell the story the celebration. We offer a comprehensive wedding photography package which includes a bespoke, professionally designed album.  And our event photography covers all sorts of corporate and private events, whether large and lavish or intimate and understated. You will find an example of a beautiful wedding at Claridge’s HERE.

How do you deal with brides and grooms who feel nervous about having their pictures taken?

Our professional event photographers have a great deal of experience in dealing with people who are not comfortable in front of the camera, in fact many of our clients fit that description. We therefore are well prepared to handle even the most reluctant subject, be it bride and groom or the smallest pageboy.  For more on how Serena copes with reluctant subjects, read HERE.

How far in advance should we book your luxury wedding photography services?

We recommend booking our services as early as possible to secure your date, especially during peak wedding seasons. This ensures that we have ample time to plan and customise our services according to your preferences.

Can we meet with you before booking to discuss our wedding photography needs?

Absolutely! Having an easy rapport with your wedding photographer is very important as they will be capturing the most important event of your lives. It’s very important to find the best wedding photographers for you. We encourage meetings online or in person to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements you may have for your wedding photography. It’s important for us to understand your expectations and tailor our luxury wedding photography services to suit your unique style.

best Wedding photography london
best wedding photography london
How many professional event photographers will be present at our wedding?

Our wedding package includes two photographers. Often one photographer will capture images of the church or venue before the ceremony and capture pictures of the the groom and his ushers, while the other remains with the bride to capture great images of her getting ready. This ensures that we capture all the key events of your big day as well as the smaller more intimate moments. Together these tell the complete story of your wedding day.

How long does it take to receive the final images from our wedding?

The editing process is typically up to 3 weeks, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Once complete, we will conduct a personal viewing session, usually at our West London studio. Where you will review up to 500 professionally retouched images. And we’ll provide you with a secure online gallery where you can view and download the high-resolution images and where you and your guests can order prints directly.

Do you produce albums or other products to commemorate our wedding or event?

We are proud to offer a range of luxury bespoke products to help you enjoy your stunning photographs on the walls of your home, on your desks, table tops and piano, and in exquisite handmade albums.  We use only the finest suppliers to ensure your wedding photographs are preserved for your personal enjoyment and future generations. You can peruse some of the products we offer HERE.

Do you provide videography services for weddings and events?

While our primary focus is on wedding and event photography, we can recommend talented videographers if you’re interested in capturing your wedding or event through both mediums. We can work collaboratively to ensure a seamless and coordinated coverage.

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