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“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes

I think it is fair to say that our relationship with our Father is arguably one of the most important relationship of our childhoods. The father begets and helps raise his children. He works hard to provide for his children, to feed and clothe them. He protects them from harm. He teaches them about the important things in life and shares his interests and hobbies. He teaches his children how to be productive, contributing members of society. He teaches his sons how to be men and his daughters will find him to be the standard by which all other men are judged, the relationship with him often forming the pattern for all future relationships.

It’s quite a lot to ask of one person. And we get just the one day a year to celebrate them: Father’s Day,

How do you encapsulate appreciation of all the things that a father is into one present, on one day? It’s impossible. Most men don’t need or desire another watch, fountain pen or pair of cufflinks. These are lovely gifts but do they really convey the love and appreciation you and your children feel for their father?

Why not give this remarkable man something truly special? A wonderful experience that will create lasting memories that can be enjoyed all his life and then passed down for generations?

The perfect Fathers Day Gift.

Give him a professional family photoshoot with me and we will create a wonderful tribute to that man and his life and passions. Let me celebrate him in a series of beautiful, natural images featuring his life’s work: his family. We can have the photoshoot on location at your home or outside in a local park or other place which is special to him.

He certainly deserves it. I promise that he will appreciate it more than another pen, watch or fishing rod. And I can also promise that you will treasure the memories together for a lifetime.

Why not treat the Dad in your life to the perfect Fathers Day gift of an amazing professional family photoshoot this Fathers Day?  Please contact me by email or call the studio 07958 511 819.


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