Photography Gift Cards

The Ultimate Gift

Are looking for a truly special and unique gift?

Giving someone the best version of themselves is my goal as a portrait photographer. It’s the point of my work. My raison d’etre. To do this, I have to achieve a connection with my subject. Once I have, I can then use my skill and mastery of my camera to capture the best version of my sitter. To reflect back something that they might not themselves see. It’s a very powerful thing to offer someone. And doesn’t that make a portrait photoshoot the ultimate Christmas gift? It’s why I sell Gift Cards. So you can do just that. The gift of a photoshoot is not only a fun and fabulous experience but you will also be giving beautiful memories to enjoy and cherish forever.

If you would like to gift a photoshoot I would love to hear from you. Please contact the West London Studio on +44 (0)20 8748 1988 or Serena on +44 (0)7958 511819 or email

I offer both an A La Carte option & Collections at the West London Studio, W6 or At Home & On Location or anywhere in the world.


Are you having trouble finding that perfect gift for the teenage girl in your life? Whether a daughter, granddaughter or Goddaughter?

I have the perfect solution: give her a gift card for a fabulous photoshoot. I love working with teenagers, capturing fabulous images of young people in what can sometimes be a difficult time of their lives.

They often have no idea how beautiful they are and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem in the face of the constant bombardment of ‘perfect’ celebrities on social media. I love to help them feel positive and confident about their looks and to give them an uplifting experience.

You can gift an individual portrait session or a collection which will include an album and desk or wall art. Either way, she will have beautiful images of herself to enjoy now and treasure forever.


My goal is to capture the essence of your teenager in a series of natural, beautiful and artistic portraits for you to display on your walls and as collections in luxury, handcrafted albums. Let me create tangible memories you can enjoy for years to come…in the process giving her a fun, informal and memorable experience.

40th or 50th Birthday Present Ideas


Are you in love? It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. You adore someone and you want to give them everything. To make them happy. And to make them feel loved. 40th or 50th birthdays are pretty big milestones, and the perfect time to express this love. Consequently there’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift. Something which makes them happy. To feel good about themselves. That makes them feel loved. That’s where Serena Bolton Photography comes in. Why not gift the love of a timeless portrait shoot?

My portrait photoshoots offer your loved one an uplifting and empowering experience which will make them feel fabulous. They will also have gorgeous pictures of themselves to treasure forever. And, if you choose, a beautiful, handmade bespoke heirloom album with which to enjoy them.

What could say ‘I love you’ and ‘I treasure you’ more than that? You can book a Portrait Photoshoot in my West London Studio, or At Home and on Location.

Your loved one will thank you, forever.


“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes

I think it is fair to say that our relationship with our Father is arguably one of the most important relationship of our childhoods. The father begets and helps raise his children. He works hard to provide for his children, to feed and clothe them. He protects them from harm. He teaches them about the important things in life and shares his interests and hobbies. He teaches his children how to be productive, contributing members of society. He teaches his sons how to be men and his daughters will find him to be the standard by which all other men are judged, the relationship with him often forming the pattern for all future relationships.

It’s quite a lot to ask of one person. And we get just the one day a year to celebrate them: Father’s Day, 

How do you encapsulate appreciation of all the things that a father is into one present, on one day? It’s impossible. Most men don’t need or desire another watch, fountain pen or pair of cufflinks. These are lovely gifts but do they really convey the love and appreciation you and your children feel for their father?

Why not give this remarkable man something truly special? A wonderful experience that will create lasting memories that can be enjoyed all his life and then passed down for generations?

The perfect Fathers Day Gift

Give him a family shoot with me and we will create a wonderful tribute to that man and his life and passions. Let me celebrate him in a series of beautiful, natural images featuring his life’s work: his family. We can shoot on location at your home or outside in a local park or other place which is special to him.

He certainly deserves it. I promise that he will appreciate it more than another pen or watch or fishing rod. And I can also promise that you will treasure the memories together for a lifetime.

Why not treat the Dad in your life to the perfect Fathers Day gift of an amazing shoot this Fathers Day?  A location shoot in your home or garden or local park to create beautiful images to last forever. Please contact me by email or call the studio 07958 511 819.


As women in a relationship we are expected to be so many things. Lover. Wife (or Girlfriend). (Sometimes) Mother. Companion. Friend. Supporter. Ally. It’s not easy but somehow we manage to be all of those things often all at once. We provide love and company. Respect and affection. And often we do it without expecting much in return. But on Valentine’s day we are shown appreciation in the form of a gift from our romantic partner. So, what makes the perfect Valentine’s gift?

The perfect Valentine’s gift should be thoughtful. Romantic. Spoiling. Original. A celebration of the love for the recipient. And what was your last Valentine’s gift? Did it measure up? Or was it chocolates? Or lingerie (and come on, let’s face it, that’s not a gift for the enjoyment of the recipient, is it?!). Jewellery (ok, that’s nice, if hardly original)? Did it make you feel adored? Special? One in a million? I’m guessing maybe not. Because it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone you love. Something that truly expresses your feelings towards them and which they will treasure.

So perhaps it’s time to speak up and ask for something really special this Valentine’s Day. A  Portrait Photoshoot with me? My mission with all my photoshoots is to make the sitter feel amazing. To give them a confidence boost and a spring in their step. To leave them feeling a million dollars. All while capturing beautiful portraits. Portraits which capture the essence of the subject and give them the very best version of themselves. And which can be enjoyed with your partner now and for a lifetime. Now surely that’s better than a box of chocolates or a pair of earrings?

Christmas Photography Gift Cards

Why is a Christmas Gift Card such a perfect gift? Well, it’s a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. It’s giving a loved one the opportunity to create a special memory, then to freeze it in time. To then create a piece of art to enjoy forever. A piece of art that can be enjoyed not only by the recipient but also their loved ones.

And, in the process of creating these beautiful memories, they will have a fun and uplifting experience. One that will give a boost to their confidence and leave them feeling fabulous. What would make a better Christmas gift than that? You can gift an individual portrait session or a collection which will include an album and desk or wall art. Either way, they will have beautiful images of herself to enjoy now and treasure forever.

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