Photography Gift Cards

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Are looking for a truly special and unique gift?

Giving someone the best version of themselves is my goal as a portrait photographer. It’s the point of my work. My raison d’etre. To do this, I have to achieve a connection with my subject. Once I have, I can then use my skill and mastery of my camera to capture the best version of my sitter. To reflect back something that they might not themselves see. It’s a very powerful thing to offer someone.

Why is a Christmas Gift Card such a perfect gift? Well, it’s a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. It’s giving a loved one the opportunity to create a special memory, then to freeze it in time. To then create a piece of art to enjoy forever. A piece of art that can be enjoyed not only by the recipient but also their loved ones.

In the process of creating these beautiful memories, they will have a fun and uplifting experience. One that will give a boost to their confidence and leave them feeling fabulous. What would make a better Christmas gift than that? You can gift an individual portrait session or a collection which will include an album and desk or wall art. Either way, they will have beautiful images of themselves to enjoy now and treasure forever.


And doesn’t that make a portrait photoshoot the ultimate Christmas gift?

If you would like to gift a photoshoot I would love to hear from you. Please contact the West London Studio on +44 (0)20 8748 1988 or Serena on +44 (0)7958 511819 or email

I offer both an A La Carte option & Collections at the West London Studio, W6 or At Home & On Location or anywhere in the world.


London Portrait Photographer Serena creates natural, timeless and classical  portraits 

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