Give the Perfect Christmas Gift to your Loved One this year.

November 27, 2018 | PORTRAITS

What could be better than the gift of precious memories? To give someone the opportunity to make a special memory. Then to take that moment in time and freeze it. To create a piece of art to enjoy for a lifetime and beyond? You can do this with a Gift Card for one of my Individual or Family Portrait Photoshoots. The Perfect Christmas Gift.

Portrait Photographer London Gift Cards


Photographs are memories

Everyone says that the one thing that they would save in a fire is their photographs. Unfortunately, this was brought home to me recently when my brother and his family were evacuated from their home in Los Angeles. Once they had got themselves and their cats out of the house, what do you think they grabbed and took with them as the out-of-control fires drew inexorably closer? Their photo albums.  Even as they faced losing their home of 34 years and all of their possessions, the one thing that they saved was their photographs. Their memories. That is how extraordinarily precious our memories are to us. They are irreplaceable. So what could be a more perfect Christmas gift than an opportunity to create and capture a moment in time and preserve it forever?

Photographs freeze time

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

This is so true and explains so well why the photo albums are the one thing always cited as what we would save in a fire. But we can’t save what we don’t have. So often we put off having that portrait made of ourselves or our family. Why? Do we think there is ever a perfect time? Realistically we know there isn’t but we still tend to put things off. To wait until this child has their braces off, or mum loses that last little bit of baby weight or that child gets through that ‘awkward stage’.

And then you turn around and the moment is gone. Lost forever. Not captured and preserved. Which is where I come in. There is never the perfect moment but if you give someone a gift card, it will inspire them to book a portrait shoot and then that moment will be captured. They will have it forever. It will not be lost.

Portrait Photographer London Gift Card

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So why not give a Portrait Photoshoot to a friend, family or loved one this Christmas, with a Gift Card from Serena Bolton Photography? If you are ready to buy the perfect Christmas gift, then contact me at the West London Studio on 07958 511819 or at to buy a Gift Card. This can be used for a Individual or Family Portrait photoshoot in the Studio or an At Home and On Location Individual or Family photoshoot. For a truly extraordinary gift, why not gift one of our Collections?

Portrait Photographer London Gift Card


“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”



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