Do you have great headshots?

Is your headshot doing you justice? Is it showing you at your best, and communicating a little insight into who you are? Is it resonating with the intended audience? In this visual age, where our image precedes us, we all need excellent, professional headshots.

For anyone who wants great headshots for social media, LinkedIn, or dating profiles, I offer studio headshot photoshoots, undertaken in my West London studio and/or local park. 

I will capture the essence of you and your character in a series of natural and flattering portraits. My approach is professional, yet informal and my portraits do not embellish or alter but have a spontaneous and distinctive way of showing your real character.

studio portrait of businesswoman in suit with long dark hair

More than just a standard headshot

As you can see from my gallery below, I do more than just standard headshots. Undertaken in my West London studio, I also do 3/4 shots, a change of clothing or two and (if you like) outdoor shots locally, weather permitting, This provides you with a series of portraits which have colour and texture and give a better idea of who you are.

You may feel anxious before the shoot. That’s fine, many of my clients do. I will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera in order to present the very best version of you in unique, genuine and distinctive portraits.

I will give you more than just an amazing portrait of yourself: I want to give you a great experience so that you leave the photoshoot with a skip in your step and feeling good about yourself.

Is your current headshot doing you justice and telling your story? If not, please get in touch.

If what you need is a fuller set of portraits for your personal brand, have a look at my Personal Brand page.

Please contact the West London Studio on +44 (0)20 8748 1988 or Serena on +44 (0)7958 511819 or email info@serenabolton.com.

 Two Headshot Options

To cater for all needs, I offer two Headshot Photoshoot options.

If you just need some simple headshots, come for a 1h to 1h 30m studio shoot, with two changes of outfit



However, if you prefer to have a little more colour and texture for your headshots, I offer a 1h 30m to 2h studio and local park shoot. We do the studio headshots and then outfits and we’re off to the local park for a few lifestyle shots


personal brand photography young man in denim shirt with bookshelves in background
professional portrait of woman in studio
business man leaning against brick wall
personal brand photography woman in leopard print against brick wall on bench
Portrait of young woman in park
Headshot of woman with long dark hair and red lipstick
personal brand photography man in blue shirt inside by stairs
studio portrait of businesswoman in suit with long dark hair
Studio portrait of woman in spotty jumper
studio headshot of blonde lady in green dress
personal brand portrait of man in blue sitting against green window


Headshot of shaven headed man with tatoos on knuckles
Black and white headshot of blonde woman in studio
studio headshot of blonde lady in green dress
Headshot of woman in blue shirt with long hair

We live in a visual age. In today’s world, whoever you are and whatever you do, you need fabulous headshots that show you at your very best.  You may have all the substance in the world but if you don’t project a strong image to go with it, people may not respond in the way that you wish. Your image is talking to potential contacts and clients, even when you are not. So you had better be sure it’s delivering the correct message.


Most certainly. Gone are the days when you can just post a selfie on your linked in profile or website ‘about’ section. It’s so important to have a consistent visual personal brand identity across all media platforms. That doesn’t mean the same headshot for each, but it means a homogenous, consistent look and presentation which can only be achieved by a professional headshot photographer.

  • Solid, soft and muted colours usually photograph best and avoid logos, neon and wrinkled clothes. A couple of changes of clothes are advisable.
  • Simple accessories are normally recommended unless your look is ‘funky earrings’ or ‘layered necklaces’ just make sure it’s appropriate for your industry.
  • Have a haircut a week or so before the session (men). Women should have hair styled before the session (women). And, if you colour your hair, do this at least a few days in advance – particularly important if you get dark roots.

London Headshot Photographer Serena creates fabulous portraits for your website, social media, LinkedIn profile, dating sites and anything else you wish.

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