Capturing Professional Author Portraits for Penguin authors has been an enormous pleasure for me over the past few years. I’ve had the honour of meeting and creating the book jacket headshot portraits for incredibly successful authors including Bonnie Garmus, author of the phenomenomally successful Lessons in Chemistry, Fran Littlewood, author of Amazing Grace Adams and Sue Fletcher, author of The Night in Question.

Like many people, some of these women were not natually comfortable in front of the camera but knew that having a great author’s portrait headshot was quite important.

We worked together to capture a variety of professional portraits in my West London studio and in Ravenscourt Park to give them a variety of images for use not only on the book cover but also for promotional and press purposes. 

amazing grace adams by fran littlewood review
Women's headshot of curly haired woman in pink shirt with bookshelf background

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