Is a Photoshoot the best 50th Birthday Present Ever?


Be a hero by giving a fab 50th birthday present

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By the time most of us reach the milestone 50th birthday, we are hopefully comfortable with our lives. We have achieved what we would like to achieve professionally (or are well on our way). And, we often have a family. Sometimes at 50 we still have young children. But then again, sometimes we even have grandchildren. But we have lived a life and there is, no doubt, a lot to show for it. Which is why a Portrait Photoshoot is the best 50th Birthday Present ever..

At this age, we are likely to have produced a family. But of course we may also still have parents (and occasionally grandparents) and of course siblings. So a perfect idea would be to gift someone a Family Portrait Photoshoot, either in my London studio or At Home and On Location. Alternatively, I sometimes have Individual Portrait Photoshoots bought for my Clients. Or sometimes, they give themselves a gift of a portrait shoot to quietly celebrate this milestone birthday. Either way, it is an affirmation of the celebrant's life and what matters most to them. And the perfect way to record this moment in time and preserve it forever in beautiful images. Which can then be captured in beautiful frames, wall art or bespoke albums to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond.

A portrait shoot makes the perfect 50th birthday present

Portrait Photography London 50th Birthday Present

Click here to view a family photoshoot organised to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Serena Bolton Photography offers the discerning client the finest personalised and genuinely bespoke service. Your image is unique and your photography should be too.

If you would like to celebrate your 50th Birthday or that of someone you love, then contact me at the West London Studio at or on 07958 511819 to arrange a Portrait Photoshoot or to buy a Gift Card.



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