Is your headshot doing you justice?

January 18, 2018 | PORTRAITS

Why a professional headshot is an important life tool

Professional Headshot Alex


We live in such a visual age. And more than ever images of us proceed us in business and in our personal lives. When you receive an email from someone it often contains an image of them. When contacts pop up on your mobile phone they are frequently accompanied by a photo. And it goes without saying that Instagram and Facebook and other social media have profile photographs attached. Similarly, if someone mentions a contact to us, whether personal or professional, we Google them and have a look at their photo.


Professional Headshot Emma

Consequently, we are very often able to make judgements on the appearance of people we have never met. And when we do meet them it seems like we already 'know' them. Now why wouldn't you want that image to be a the result of a studio or location shoot with a professional photographer? You get the best possible lighting, angle and pose. Not to mention professional retouching, not Instagram filters!

Above all, when using a professional portrait photographer for your headshot you are putting your best foot forward. The best version of yourself, as you are, right now. No more out of date, 'this is how I looked 20 years ago' images. These only serve to shock the person who has viewed it when you meet them for the first time and they discover that you are 50, not the 30 year old you in the photo. You need to own your digital identity.

Whether it's for social media, dating sites, or business, a professional headshot or portrait is invaluable. What is yours saying about you? What image are you projecting and have you put your best foot forward? Be your personal brand manager!

Professional Headshot Missoma

Professional Headshot Donna

Professional headshot Anne

Professional Headshot against wall


If your headshot needs an update to 'professional portrait', please contact the studio on 07958 511819 or email for further information.

Serena Bolton Photography offers the discerning client the finest personalised and genuinely bespoke service. You are unique and your professional headshot should be too. Click here to see a complete portrait shoot.



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