Ladies, want the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

February 7, 2019 | PORTRAITS, WOMEN

Why not ask for a Portrait Photoshoot by Serena Bolton?

Lady in blue velvet coat in foliage in Holland Park

As women in a relationship we are expected to be so many things. Lover. Wife (or Girlfriend). (Sometimes) Mother. Companion. Friend. Supporter. Ally. It's not easy but somehow we manage to be all of those things often all at once. We provide love and company. Respect and affection. And often we do it without expecting much in return. But on Valentine's day we are shown appreciation in the form of a gift from our romantic partner. So, what makes the perfect Valentine's gift?

The perfect Valentine's gift should be thoughtful. Romantic. Spoiling. Original. A celebration of the love for the recipient. And what was your last Valentine's gift? Did it measure up? Or was it chocolates? Or lingerie (and come on, let's face it, that's not a gift for the enjoyment of the recipient, is it?!). Jewellery (ok, that's nice, if hardly original)? Did it make you feel adored? Special? One in a million? I'm guessing maybe not. Because it's hard to find the perfect gift for someone you love. Something that truly expresses your feelings towards them and which they will treasure.

So perhaps it's time to speak up and ask for something really special this Valentine's Day. Why not ask for a Portrait Photoshoot with me? My mission with all my photoshoots is to make the sitter feel amazing. To give them a confidence boost and a spring in their step. To leave them feeling a million dollars. All while capturing beautiful portraits. Portraits which capture the essence of the subject and give them the very best version of themselves. And which can be enjoyed with your partner now and for a lifetime. Now surely that's better than a box of chocolates or a pair of earrings?

Woman with hair tied up sitting on zebra skin rug during studio photoshoot

woman with dark hair peering though blossom in Holland Park

Beautiful woman with hair styled up in gorgeous designer dress against camelia bush in Holland Park

lady with long chestnut hair in blue top smiling over her shoulder

Lady in monochrome outfit lounging on floor against sofa

three quarter portrait of blonde lady in white jumper

brunette in blue dress and multicoloured stones necklace in palazzo in Italy

Red haired woman on bench in west london park seen through branches of tree

Blonde woman in flowered dress looking off to side of camera

Curvy sexy young lady in slightly sheer dress against window on staircase

Lady in black dress with long red scarf running in Holland Park Portrait shoot


Serena Bolton Photography makes it so easy to receive the perfect Valentine's gift

Ask the love of your life for a portrait photoshoot with me. Either here in my West London Studio or At Home and On Location. For an even more special experience, book a Quintessential Woman photoshoot, an all day fashion photoshoot like your very own Vogue cover shoot. We also offer the Quintessential Woman Collection to make creating and preserving beautiful photographs in stunning handmade bespoke albums and wall/desk art completely effortless. Have them contact me at my West London Studio on (+44) 0 7958 511 819 for more details, rates or to make a booking.


“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”





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