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 Want a fantastic London portrait Photoshoot when you visit London?

London is an amazing and varied city that makes a stunning backdrop for memorable portrait photoshoots. Whether you are visiting London for the first time or in London on your honeymoon, a London photoshoot is a fantastic way of creating and preserving memories of your trip. 

But it’s not only tourists who book my London photoshoots. The London Photoshoot was born out of requests by my London based clients to celebrate their time in London. In fact the first family to commission me for portraits taken around Big Ben, Tower Bridge and in London’s Royal Parks was a London-dwelling  Anglo/American family moving to the US. But since then, I have had honeymooning couples commission a London shoot, and Senior year portraits undertaken around London.


 Perfect memories of a London Vacation with A London Photoshoot

If you book a London Photoshoot, I will capture beautiful portraits of you enjoying your time in London. And every London Photoshoot includes a luxurious, handmade, professionally designed album to make enjoying those portraits simple.   

Every London photoshoot is bespoke. Driving around in a private vintage London Black Cab, we can hit the highlights with tourist spots like Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, etc.  All make fantastic backdrops for London portraits. However, London’s Royal Parks are also iconic and beautiful so are perfect for a photoshoot commemorating your vacation in London.

But as each shoot is bespoke, we can choose offbeat places or hold you photoshoot in any location in London which holds special memories for you.

If you are an executive visiting London and would like to have an Executive Photoshoot – a suitably professional location photoshoot using spectacular highlights of London as a backdrop, click here.

To book a London Photoshoot, or for further details and for information and rates please contact or The Studio on  +44 (0)7415 792499.

familly in front of London bridge




We all love our vacation photos. They are the best way of preserving and enjoying precious memories of time spent with our families and friends in special places. Your London vacation photographs will evoke the wonderful adventures, sights, sounds and recollections of your time in London.  Selfies have their place but nothing compares to professional portraits. Especially with a London based photographer who knows all the best places to take the most gorgeous pictures. And of course you also recieve a beautiful, bespoke, handmade, professionally designed album delivered to your home after you return. So it’s a fantastic way to make sure that you don’t just have hundreds of (often poor-quality) pictures on your phone that never get printed or stuck into albums. The London Photoshoot saves you an enormous amount of time and effort. And ensures you have the very best possible portraits from your London Vacation.


London is an amazing, eclectic city where thrusting new skyscrapers sit next to 17th century churches. Where there are both palaces and urban grit. So if  you wish, you can have tourist highlights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palance or Tower Bridge as your backdrop. Or, if you prefer, you might have your photoshoot in one or more the Royal Parks for the beautiful scenery. And finally, if you prefer a more urban backdrop whether grittier and more hip such as Shoreditch or Hackney, the pastel perfection of Notting Hill or the white stucco-fronted grandeur of Kensington, all are possible in this most characterful city. And each of my London Photoshoots is bespoke so your portraits can be at any place which is special to you.


Well of course it is, if you are spending all or part of your honeymoon here! Many newlyweds start off a European honeymoon in London before travelling to other European cities. And with the recent trend for microweddings, a lot of people are splitting their wedding budget between a smaller wedding party and a more extravagant honeymoon. And as a result, I find that my bookings for a London Honeymoon Photoshoot have gone up. People are choosing to have amazing experiences rather than a big party but they still want to ensure that they have beautiful images of thir honeymoon to enjoy forever in a beautiful album.


London Professional Photographer Serena creates fabulous portraits of your vacation in London or portraits of your honeymoon in London.

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