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We both had such a wonderful day. We truly feel blessed to have met you and to have spent the day with you and your wonderful team. It was so much fun. 

 Discover the magic of London with our exclusive Portrait Photoshoot.

London, a city of timeless charm and endless possibilities, serves as the enchanting canvas for our bespoke portrait photoshoots. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a newlywed couple on your honeymoon, or a resident seeking to celebrate your connection with this vibrant metropolis, our London photoshoot experiences are designed to encapsulate your journey in captivating imagery.

Our London Photoshoots aren’t just for tourists; they’ve blossomed from the desires of our London-based clients to immortalize their moments in this captivating city. Our portfolio includes sessions with Anglo-American families embarking on new adventures, honeymooners capturing their love amidst iconic London landmarks, and senior year students marking their milestones against the city’s backdrop.

London Photoshoot

 Capture memories of a London Vacation with A London Photoshoot

Our London Photoshoots are  truly bespoke. In the comfort of an iconic private vintage London Black Cab, we will embark on a journey through London’s most celebrated landmarks – the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London serving as magnificent backdrops for your London portraits.

Or, you may choose to have your shoot in one of London’s Royal Parks or in offbeat places that are off the beaten track. Perhaps you will wish hold you photoshoot in a London location which holds special memories for you.

Your London Photoshoot is entirely what you wish it to be. We are here to help you curate the perfect shoot to capture your memories of this incredible city in timeless, beautiful and classic portraits.

And finally, each London Photoshoot package includes a beautiful, handcrafted, professional designed album, making preserving and enjoying those portraits effortless.   

London Photoshoot

If you are an executive visiting London and would like to have an Executive Photoshoot – a suitably professional location photoshoot using spectacular highlights of London as a backdrop, click here.

To book a London Photoshoot, or for further details and for information and rates please contact or The Studio on  +44 (0)7415 792499.

London Family photoshoot
london photoshoot
London Photoshoot
London Photoshoot
London photoshoot
familly in front of London bridge
Yaslene de Leon
Personal Brand Photography London
Personal Brand Photography London
seniors london photoshoot
London Family photoshoot
family london holiday photoshoot
London Photoshoot Westminster
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London Professional Photographers @ Serena Bolton Photography Ltd create fabulous  vacation portraits in London or honeymoon portraits in London.

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