How to rebrand yourself

Has This past year made you pivot in your career? Need to rebrand yourself? 

Has this crazy year changed your career path? Perhaps a rethink while on furlough, redundancy, or even just a reckoning of life priorities, leading to a change of direction? Possibly you are starting a new business, channeling your inner entrepreneur? If this is the case, then you will be considering how to rebrand yourself in 2020. And we can help.

Many of us have experienced great upheaval in 2020. For some of us, it’s been a chance to reflect on our lives and to find strength or impetus to make changes. Whether it’s a new job, a pivot towards a new career path, or launching a new business. It could be necessitated by events beyond your control or a result of introspection and desire for growth, You find yourself at a new beginning. And it’s important that you rebrand yourself.

Some of you will be north of 40 or even 50. And for you, the new landscape of job hunting may be daunting. Things have changed, and quickly. The digital age has obviously affected most areas of life, and the job market is no different. You may have a nominal LinkedIn profile. And you might also have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

But it’s likely that unless you are, say, under 40 (under 30?), or work in marketing or social media, your profile pictures and personality probably aren’t synergistic over these platforms. That you don’t have a unified ‘brand’, that you haven’t got a coherent online presence to go with your talent, skills and experience. But this will need to change. You need to rebrand yourself in 2020. And you need to cultivate your own personal brand. This brand is something you live. At work, play and home. It’s no longer the case that you have a ‘professional side’ for LinkedIn and a playful personal side for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of them must link up and be collaborative. They should work together to give a sense of the whole you.



So what should I do?


Employers and clients now demand authenticity. Transparency. Clarity. Increasingly, clients need more than just the basic stats and CV of the people with whom they deal. They want a sense of the person, their values, their personality. And to understand what they will provide and how it fits with their own. It’s daunting, but here are some tips.

  • Firstly work out what you want to do. A pivot? Or a whole new career? Now is a great time to make a change. Do your research. Allow yourself time to strategise your best next move before just making applications. However, even if you are just moving one step up the ladder, having a unique personal brand is important.
  • Next, build any skills you are lacking or that need updating. Think of this as an investment in your future and don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself about what you might need to/be able to improve on. If you get this right, you will not regret the investment of time and money.
  • Don’t be afraid to exploit your differences. In fact, playing up your uniqueness makes you seem authentic. Be yourself! Just be clever in how you position yourself and your unique experience or skill set to your new industry.
  • Be careful that you don’t abandon your previous self in rebranding yourself. There must be a connection between your previous self and the person you wish to manifest. It’s not a total reinvention. Certainly, it won’t be authentic if it doesn’t gel with your previous self. Again, authenticity is crucial.
  • And now for the fun, creative bit. What does your new personal brand look like? You need to consider this and how it will play across all social media platforms and your website, if appropriate. How has any new training/education you have undertaken impacted this? Who are you targeting and what will you say? Consider your appearance, clothes, colours of logo and website and how they all fit together. Invest in professional headshots or personal branding photography (I would say that, of course, but it’s true). If you are building a website, make sure that what you put together looks like what you will be projecting across social media (and what you will be living). You are a person of substance, a selfie will not do!
  • Start broadcasting your new self.  Write content, blogs, social media posts that showcase your brand, knowledge, expertise, authority. Show original thought and position yourself as an expert in your field. Ask yourself what your clients, employers, contacts might be looking for or need help with and help them with it by providing answers to their questions and content to match their searches.



If any of the above is daunting, I can help. I work with a team of professionals who can help you with each step on the way of your rebrand. And if you are sorted and confident in your brand, then I’m here for the headshots and brand portraits that you will want across your website and socials.

Find out more about what I can offer to help you rebrand yourself in 2020.

I undertake headshots and personal brand portrait shoots in my West London Studio and local park. I also offer a Personal Branding photoshoot, on location with consultation and whatever expert advice you would like to access. Email me on or ring me on 07958511819.


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