Unveiling the cost of a personal brand photoshoot

In today’s digital age, personal branding is a crucial element for professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives looking to make their mark in the business world. A personal branding photoshoot is a significant investment but can have a massive impact on your image and success. So what exactly are you paying for when you commission a personal branding photoshoot? What is the actual cost of a personal brand photoshoot?

On the face of it, Personal Branding Photography is quite expensive. And you might be forgiven for thinking that the headline rate reflects only the photographer’s time. In which case, photographers would command rates like lawyers. And you could be forgiven for thinking that, but I’m here to explain why personal brand photographers are not that well paid.

It’s a bit like an iceberg. Most of the expenses/costs are below the surface and you won’t see them though you as a client will have benefitted from them. All you see is what you are paying the photographer for the session, and it might seem like a lot. But there’s so much more to it than what seems obvious at first.

The hardware and software cost of a personal branding photoshoot

1. Camera Equipment: The heart of every great photoshoot is the camera equipment. This includes the camera body, multiple lenses for various styles, lights, reflectors, memory cards, batteries, and flashes. These tools are essential for capturing the perfect shot and ensuring the highest quality.

2. Other Equipment: In addition to the camera gear, there are various other essential items such as bags, straps, and more that make the entire process run smoothly.

3. Laptop and Mobile Phone: Running a photography business requires technology. Powerful laptops and mobile phones fare essential for managing thousands of issues, on-the-go editing, communication, and organisation.

4. Website and Email Hosting: Your photographer’s website is where you discovered their work. It needs hosting, design, plugins, and maintenance. Email services are of course vital for keeping in touch with clients.

5. Cloud-Based Storage: Storing and backing up high-resolution images securely is a necessity. Cloud-based storage ensures that your memories are safe.

6.. Database and Invoicing Software: Managing clients, invoicing, and maintaining records require software and databases.

And the other invisibles…

7.. Insurance: Professional photographers are obliged to pay for insurance to protect their equipment and ensure your peace of mind during the shoot.

8. Professional Training: Staying at the forefront of the industry requires continuous learning. Photographers invest in training to master their craft and provide you with the best results.

9. Marketing: You found your photographer through marketing efforts, and that’s no accident. Marketing costs are an essential part of bringing professionals like you to their portfolio.

10. Studio Utilities: Heating, electricity, and rent for a studio space, if used, are costs that add up but provide a comfortable, well-equipped setting for your photoshoot.

And then there’s the service

11. Administrative Costs: From handling inquiries to scheduling sessions, photographers have administrative costs that ensure everything runs seamlessly.

12. Exceptional Customer Service: Hopefully your photographer has a great commitment to excellent customer service, including quick email responses and easy booking, making the whole process seamless.

13. Research into Locations: If your shoot involves scouting for locations, that’s another aspect where time and resources are invested to ensure your portraits are perfect.

14. Pre-Shoot Consultation: Before the photoshoot, your photographer spends time in consultation to arrange shoot details and provide styling advice tailored to your brand.

15. Editing: The magic happens in post-production. Skilled editing enhances your portraits and gives them that timeless, elegant quality you love.

16. Retouching: If you request specific retouching, your photographer ensures your images meet your vision.

17. Client Delivery: After editing, the process continues with selecting images, sending them to the editor, checking when they’re received back, and finally delivering them to you.

and the final, visible cost of a personal brand photoshoot

18. Time Spent with Client: On the day of the photoshoot, your photographer invests time to create the perfect atmosphere and capture your best self.

When you commission a personal branding photoshoot, you’re not just paying for images. You’re investing in a photographer’s expertise, equipment, and the array of behind-the-scenes efforts that go into delivering a premium product. These costs ensure that your portraits tell your brand story and reflect you at your very best.

In essence, you’re investing in the superpower that photographers like us possess: putting you at ease to bring out the very best version of yourself. It’s a combination of skills, resources, and dedication to providing you with a remarkable and valuable service that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Our goal is to empower you with images that show the essence of you, connect you with your desired audience and elevate your personal brand.

If you are ready to get in front of your business with some great personal branding portraits, I would love to help!

For more information or to make a booking for Personal Branding Photography London, or for other professional photography services in London, please contact us at our West London Studio on info@serenabolton.com or on +44 (0)7415 792499. Or click here to fill out a contact form.

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