What is personal brand photography? In short, it’s a series of portraits that express you as a brand, showing facets of your personality, skills, experience, and what you have to offer. It’s about taking control of the visual communication of you as a professional and private individual. And to do this, you need more than just a headshot. You need a personal branding photoshoot. And it’s important to have this done professionally, and done well.

At Serena Bolton Photography, we create brand portraits that convey the desired brand image, at its very best. And crucially, that speak to the target audience. Images that tell the story.

Serena has undertaken personal branding photography with entrepreneurs, psychologists, doctors, authors, educators, lawyers, interior designers, yoga teachers, musicians, property developers and many more individuals wishing to take control of their brand image.

A Personal Branding photoshoot starts with a consultation with Serena to discuss your brand. We collaborate on ideas, curate the look of your photoshoot, discuss how you will use your brand images and decide on locations and props. In your personal brand shoot, perhaps you will include your business partner, a client or even your dog! Whatever helps to tell your story. 

If you aren’t clear on your personal brand, we can help you step by step. Serena collaborates with professional designers, stylists and coaches who can help you on this journey. We will help you get clarity, extract your brand and decide how you wish to visually present yourself.

As your personal brand photographer, Serena will help you manifest the person you want to be. The experience is inspiring, confidence-building, fun,  even life-changing.

Is your current personal brand image doing you justice and telling your story?

If you require a great Personal Branding Photoshoot or would like to gift a  photoshoot, I would love to hear from you.

Please contact the West London Studio on +44 (0)20 8748 1988 or Serena on +44 (0)7958 511819 or email

personal brand photography man leaning against wall in suit
Business woman in colourful background with arcade games and neon behind
personal brand photography of lady in blue suit with yellow trainers
personal brand photography man in blue shirt leaning against wavy brick wall
personal brand photography lady in burgandy jumper at her desk with two lamps
personal brand photography man in red velvet suit at Frieze art fair
personal brand photography businessman in suit photographed against industrial unit
personal brand photography house of lords member in gallery of house of lords
portrait of plastic surgeon in suit at desk
personal brand photography lady in pink with marking pens and paint on her desk
personal brand photography blonde lady on sofa with pink flowers in vase
personal brand photography woman in cafe by window
plastic surgeon in suit at her desk
personal brand photography lady with drums and gongs
personal brand photography lady photgraphed against mural at Frieze art show
blonde woman in pink dress with floral garland
personal brand photography blonde woman in suit next to purple bushes

A Range of Personal Branding Options

I provide three options for Personal Branding Photography.

Firstly, you can book a half day in my West London Studio or on Location in London at your home or place of work. This would involve a 3-4 hour shoot and a few changes of clothes. Of if more locations or changes of outfits are required, you can book a whole day photoshoot.

Finally, if you need regular image updates for your high profile brand, I offer a seasonal Personal Brand package which includes an initial full day photoshoot with 3 half day shoots to follow throughout the year.


A Selection of Personal Branding Photoshoots (coming soon!)

personal brand photography writer with chin in hand against bookshelves
personal brand photography businesswoman in suit with hands in pockets
personal brand image of woman with scarf in front of pond
personal branding portrait of blonde woman in blue dress in red armchair
personal brand photography businesswoman in suit with hands in pockets
personal branding portrait photo of a young woman peeping out of white fur collared coat with blossoms in background



What exactly is a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is defined as packaging and promoting your person, values, personality, and career as a brand. Getting this right will present a consistent brand image, establish you/your business, control the narrative, and attract the clients or job you want. And your brand must be visually compelling and consistent.

This is where Personal Branding photography comes in…


Why is personal brand photography important?

Once you have worked out your brand, you need to communicate it. You need consistent brand imagery across all social media platforms, a coherent and distinctive look. You need portraits which tell your brand story, visually.

People are looking for authenticity and connection with the people they choose to work with and good personal branding portraits help you communicate your authentic self and connect with your target audience. A selfie is just not going to be good enough. And neither is stock photography. It’s your brand and your business and it’s important that you differentiate yourself from the rest.


How do I prepare for a personal branding shoot?


Preparation is key to a successful shoot. Above all, know your brand. Have a strong idea of how you want to present yourself. For example, where will you be photographed? At your home? Your place of business? Think about how it should look and judge realistically what needs to be done to achieve that look. Think about props and locations within your chosen location. Also about who should be there. Is it just yourself? Or a business partner or client? And above all, remember this is your personal brand so you owe to it yourself to look your very best. Visit the hairdresser and spend some time choosing your outfits. Finally, research your professional Personal Brand photographer carefully. They should be able to help you with any questions about preparation. The more you prepare for your personal brand shoot, the better the result.



London Personal Branding Photographer Serena creates fabulous brand portraits so you can control your digital identity and present your best face to the world.

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