Kate Davis, a leadership coach with a keen understanding of the value of personal branding portraits, opted for our Seasonal Personal Branding Package.

Kate’s coaching expertise lies in helping her clients gain clarity, and in her first photoshoot, she wished to convey through her branding images that when her clients find themselves a bit disoriented (unable to see the woods for the trees), she stands ready to guide them forward. We also incorporated subtle nods to her brand’s green and yellow colours, symbolizing her presence in times of need.

In addition to these visual metaphors, we aimed to illustrate how Kate leads her clients towards abundance and possibilities. Her initial personal brand photoshoot encompassed various locations, including her home, the picturesque woodlands near Ascot, and the enchanting Savill Gardens in Windsor Great Park.

The second branding photoshoot was conducted at our West London Studio and in the surrounding area. These shots showcased Kate in an office setting, meeting clients, and enjoying the company of her cherished dogs along the streets of West London. Notably, the backgrounds were carefully chosen to subtly reinforce Kate’s personal brand colours.

Her third branding photography session featured Kate giving a presentation at the K-West Hotel. Followed by a location shoot on the blossom-filled streets of  Notting Hill to capture further portraits, and finally into Holland Park for some images with an architectural background.

Currently, we are in the process of planning her fourth session, continuing to craft a compelling visual narrative for her personal brand.

personal branding photoshoot portrait of woman in yellow office chair in woods
personal branding photo of woman with an oak tree
personal branding photoshoot portrait of woman in yellow office chair in woods
personal branding photos of woman drinking coffee
what to wear for women's professional headshots woman in blue scoop neck top
why you should hire a professional photographer for headshots woman leaning on chair with black background
personal branding photos of lady with laptop and at desk
Woman in jean jacket standing in arcade

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