Celebrating my friend and Hubdot founder Simona Barbieri

Portrait Photography London Simona BarbieriThis is my beautiful friend, Simona Barbieri. She’s a fabulous wife and mother of three gorgeous children. But in addition to that, she’s also the founder of Hubdot.

About Hubdot

For anyone who doesn’t know what this incredible networking organisation is, let me give you a quick explanation. Hubdot exists to help people make connections. To allow them to ‘lose the label’ and to define themselves by mindset rather than job title. Hubdot breaks down barriers and creates connections. It builds bridges by celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and inspiring the connections that grow communities.

And this fantastic organisation is about to celebrate its 6th anniversary. Six years ago Simona was at a crossroads in her life and she invented this concept. She invited several women to coffee and invited them to ‘remove their status labels’ and pick a sticker Dot which represented their mindset that morning. And Hubdot was born.

My connection with Hubdot goes back to the very early days when I was asked to be a speaker. I spoke about my decision to start my photography business after years of being an artist and a mother. It was very daunting to get up and speak in front of this huge room full of people and it was a big moment for me. Since that time, my business has thrived and flourished and grown. And Hubdot has held countless events in several cities around the world featuring thousands of speakers.

I continue to attend the Hubdot networking events and meet so many interesting women. And I even summoned up my courage a second time to give a talk at a Hubdot corporate event a few years ago. I have also become great friends with Simona who is such an inspiration to me. And also to get to know, and honoured to photograph, her gorgeous family. Because at the end of the day, whoever we are and what we accomplish, what matters most to us? Family. We did a super shoot and video together this autumn. Click here to see the video.

Family Photographer London Simona Barbieri family shoot

Happy anniversary to Hubdot

So I’m sharing a few of those portraits of Simona and her family with you here and I say “Happy Anniversary” to Hubdot. Long may it continue to inspire and connect people.

Find out more about my family photography.

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