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Being a West London based photographer, I love to use our amazing array of Royal Parks for my shoots, such Holland Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park etc. Over the years, I have got to know them like the back of my hand and this makes it so easy for me to get the best out of the amazing London parks at every time of year.

Since I have started walking my black working cocker Spaniel, Rolo, in the local London parks nature has begun to play an important role in my photography and I love to use it as backdrop, particularly in Spring.

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Spring is one of my favourite times of the year to capture beautiful, natural and artistic photographs when the local parks are bursting with colour, blossom and new life. Not only a great backdrop for teen shoots but a dynamic visual metaphor.

This lovely teenage girl, Jess, is a Kingston University Art Student and I was able to capture her amongst the beautiful Spring blossoms in Kensington Gardens and Holland Park on a recent sunny afternoon.

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At this time of year I love to get teenage girls out into nature and sunshine which only enhances their gorgeous young skin and their energy.

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Normally a session starts in the studio in Hammersmith and Jess arrived with a suitcase bursting with clothes and accessories. A teen shoot can also be like a fashion shoot and Lisa Redman very kindly lent me some of her exquisite, bespoke, handmade outfits for the session. Once we had styled the clothes Amanda Durkin, one of the makeup artists I work closely with, started doing Jess’s hair and makeup. This is a wonderful pampering experience and helps a sitter feel relaxed and good about themselves, and also helps them to get ready for the session.

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Jess’s first outfit was a beautiful beaded evening dress with a floral pattern created by Lisa Redman. The colour of Lisa’s dresses complement the backdrop of Spring perfectly and Jess had fun striking poses amongst the flowering branches full of pink fluffy blossom.

Her natural, youthful beauty works so well with the Spring blossom and magnolia flowers without ever being upstaged by them.

holland park photography_0031

Jess then changed to a more casual outfit wearing a pair of red cullotes from Zara and gorgeous cream satin blouse from Ralph Lauren. I love the effect created shooting with the late evening sun behind my subject and these  portraits are just divine with a soft golden glow behind her.

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Then one more change of outfit into another gorgeous Lisa Redman black top and taffeta skirt and Jess unleashed her inner supermodel to capture these fun and dynamic images.

holland park photography_0034

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It’s great to photograph teens like this. They are full of energy and even the shy ones tend to let down their guard and enjoy a fabulous and fun experience.

The teenage years, however, can be difficult for some and not all young people have fantastic self-esteem. As a teenager I felt particularly unconfident, unattractive and uncomfortable in my own skin which is one of the reasons teenage shoots are so close to my heart. It is important to me be able to help teenagers find their identity and confidence and to be able to give them a sense of their uniqueness and beauty just as they are.

My teenage subjects and their mums often tell me how much confidence they gained from the experience and how much they love the images of themselves looking so gorgeous, a real change from the selfies that populate their social media threads.

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To give this confidence-inspiring opportunity to a daughter, son, Godchild, niece, nephew or young friend, get in touch with me on 07958511819 or serena@serenabolton.com and we can discuss how to create their dream photoshoot.

Find out more about our teen photography in London.

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“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”



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