What to wear for a Personal Brand photoshoot

How to look your best for your Personal Brand portraits.

Feeling intimidated at the thought deciding what to wear for a Personal Branding photoshoot? That’s understandable! Most people are a bit nervous about having their portraits taken and anxiety about what to wear simply amplifies those feelings. On top of which, given the nature of the past year, we are all a little unused to dressing normally. So, to help you feel more confident in making your choices, I have put together some advice on what to wear for your Personal Brand Photoshoot. This will help you prepare better and to feel calmer on the day. Which will in turn help to ensure that your portraits turn out brilliantly.

How do start preparing for my shoot?

When you book a branding photoshoot, you should be able to have a chat with your professional photographer about what you hope to achieve with your shoot. You should have a good idea of the image you wish to project: serious and professional, creative and quirky, relaxed or formal? And you should also have considered how you will use the portraits on your website and social media. The next thing is to figure out what to wear for a personal brand photoshoot. It goes without saying that the more prepared you are, the better it will go and the more likely it is that you will have photos that show you and your personal brand at your best.

Obviously with personal brand photoshoots, there is a lot of scope for you to express yourself and your brand. So you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment! You can really elevate your portraits with your wardrobe choices. This is about manifesting what you want to be, so inject some personality into your images with your clothes.

Normally in a professional personal branding shoot, there will be some headshots (see my blog on preparing for headshots) and then some more lifestyle shots which provides the opportunity to tell your story visually. What is important in choosing what to wear on your personal brand photoshoot is being comfortable. Remember that choosing outfits which make you feel good will also give you confidence and elevate your mood which will come across in your portraits.

How to Dress to tell your personal Brand Story

If applicable, you might want to feature yourself in clothes that pertain to your work and provide quick visual cues.

For example, yoga and pilates teachers will often want to be pictured in their yoga kit hard at work.. 


Likewise, musicians may wish to dress to express their creativity, their image and their look. Or even something they might wear for a performance or album cover.


And obviously if dancers would like images of themselves in motion, then something which shows their form would be a good idea.

If you are a doctor or a surgeon, you may wish to be pictured in your scrubs as well as professional dress.

I have found that many business women have created a strong look by simply pairing sober business attire with colourful shoes.

And if you are in fashion, the arts or front a creative business, this is a great chance to be a little bit creative and fashionable.

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DEciding what to wear for your personal brand shoot:

When you have a preparatory meeting with your professional personal brand photographer, be sure to agree with how many changes of clothes you will have time for and work out your shoot locations.

Then take time to work out which outfit goes with which location. For example, pair your business suit/heels with a boardroom or office setting. And consider more casual attire if you are running say, a home-based business. The idea is to show many facets of your personality and brand so have a varied set of looks planned.

Also think about how you will use these photos. For example, if you are dressed for summer in a floaty dress, it may look a little out of place on your website in December. So, some seasonal neutrality in some outfits is a good idea or prepare a variety of seasonal looks.

It’s also worth thinking about any brand colours you have which you might want reflected in what you choose to wear for your photoshoot. Whether you express this via your clothing choices, or background, it helps to think about this in advance and choose clothes accordingly.

tips for the run up to your PErsonal Brand photoshoot :

• Spend time styling each outfit to avoid being flustered on the day. It might be worth investing in professional styling advice or seeking the help of a fashionable friend if you aren’t confident styling your own look.

• Shoes and Accessories are fantastic for levelling up and customising your look. A great way to express your personality!

• Take selfies of each outfit to help you remember what you have chosen so you don’t have a panic on the day trying to remember which shoes or jewellery went with what outfit, etc

•Layers are very helpful. A quick way to change your look and give you big range of photos (jacket on/off, scarf on/off, etc.) This can also help weatherproof you for the photoshoot if you have an outdoor location.

• Check your outfit (including the underwear you plan to wear) in bright daylight to ensure nothing is see through

• All clothes should be clean and pressed. Shoes should look as if new (though worn about the house so not likely to cause blisters on the day). If you are planning to return clothes after your shoot, make sure you keep the tags on and ensure that they aren’t visible.

• The night (or even a few days) before your shoot, hang up the outfits together along with corresponding jewellery/shoes/scarves together and plan how you will transport them to your photoshoot so they don’t get wrinkled.

• Most of my clients invest in professional hair and make up) on the morning of their shoot.

For further information on how I can help you with headshot photography or personal branding photography.

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”



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