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Corporate Photography: Headshots VS Corporate Lifestyle Portraits

Corporate Photography options explained

For many years, the industry standard for corporate photography was to have headshots. Uniform, and designed originally for company annuals, they provided a ‘face to the name’. But little else. However, things have changed and less often do I undertake a traditional headshot now. The ‘corporate photography headshot’ approach feels out of sync with the zeitgeist.

Clients and consumers are looking for authenticity in their business dealings these days. They want to see the humanity of the company they are working with. So it’s more important than ever to put across the right image of your staff and your company. After all, the ‘About Us’ section of a website is the second most visited after the homepage.

Nowadays, consumers are not just choosing your products and services, they are choosing you (and your personnel). And your staff portraits are digital ambassadors for your brand. So now, more than ever, having excellent business portraits is crucial.

A Revolution in Professional Photos

That’s why I am championing the reinvention of the professional headshot. And I now create more dynamic corporate portraits when possible. Portraits which give a far greater sense of the personality of the individual and, by extension, the values of the company. A sense of the sitter’s personality is communicated so they come across as trustworthy, competent, creative, authoritative, approachable. Or whichever attributes you wish to communicate about your brand.

I’m also a huge fan of getting outside. Often, wonderful business portraits come from shooting outdoors whether in front of your offices, in the local environment or where business is done, e.g. the Stock Exchange or Inns of Court.

As a London based professional photographer, sometimes just taking the sitter out of the office provide a super backdrop whether an inspiring cityscape of simply a brick wall, some stair railings or an archway which frames the subject.

Is your business image up to date? If not and you’d like to start a conversation about how to put your employees and your business forward in the best possible light, please contact me on or on 07957 511 819.

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”

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