I highly recommend Alastair for anyone in need of a headshot. Alastair was fantastic at guiding me through the shoot, which made it not only a comfortable but fun experience. He selected different backdrops and lighting setups to make sure I had a range of photos to choose from and I was pretty pleased with them all!
Lowri Brown
Lowri Brown
Serena is a brilliant photographer. We needed corporate headshots for our website as ours were dated and after an initial call and a site visit, Serena completely understood our needs and did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the team. Some people don't enjoy having their photo taken, however I can safely say that everyone enjoyed their time with Serena and the photos look brilliant, she really puts you at ease. Highly recommend! Thank you so much Serena. x
Emily Goguen
Emily Goguen
Serena is a brilliant photographer and our images were sent back super fast! I would absolutely use Serena again for corporate headshots.
Camilla Wallace
Camilla Wallace
Very talented photographer, extremely skilled/experienced, gorgeous photos, fantastic value - book her now!
R Collings
R Collings
I was looking for some headshots for publicity purposes and I found Serena Bolton online, deciding to take the plunge when I saw all the photos on her website. It’s an expensive service, but Serena makes her subjects feel so at ease, getting to know you as a person as she captures your personality. The finished products are beautiful. I would highly recommend the whole experience.
Suzannah Little
Suzannah Little
Absolutely stunning photos presented by Serena. Over the moon with the results! Would highly recommend her service, very professional, yet felt so comfortable and had a great day! Thanks so much Serena, I'll be back 😊😊
Emily Payne
Emily Payne
Serena recently photographed our team for a new set of headshots. She was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish. She managed to put even the most nervous and self conscious people at ease with her calm and kind demeanour, and really took her time with each person to ensure they were happy with their photographs. Her and her team were super organised, and the photoshoot days ran seamlessly with zero stresses. The headshots themselves are fantastic, and really capture each individuals personality. I cannot recommend Serena enough, and we would love to work with her again in the future.
Wanda Ni Laighin
Wanda Ni Laighin
Serena did an exceptional job capturing my daughter's graduation. She took the time to get to know our family, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during the photo session. The results exceeded our expectations, providing us with beautiful photos of this important milestone. I highly recommend Serena for her skill and ability to create lasting memories. Thank you, Serena—we look forward to our next session!
Bonnie Meloche
Bonnie Meloche
Where to start? The entire experience with Serena was excellent. She met with me a few times before the day of the shoot to help me prepare and this prep work was invaluable and really showed through in my photos. And the photos! I find looking at photos of myself so difficult but not these ones! Somehow Serena truly captured me and my personality. I cannot say enough positive things about the entire experience. I without hesitation recommend Serena to anyone.
Kathleen DiPaolo
Kathleen DiPaolo
I had a wonderful time doing my portraits and they turned out beautifully!! Serena and her team are so professional and I recommend Serena highly!!

Thank you and so very much for coming and spending a lot of your precious weekend time, AND making this such a joyful occasion for us all. 

My comments on the result in modern and not so parlance:









and any other superlatives not yet invented. 

I am forwarding the link to all the family.

With best wishes and admiration,

Marcus & Sarah

British obstetrician and gynaecologist and the former Surgeon-Gynaecologist to Queen Elizabeth II‘s Royal Household


Serena has photographed lots of our events and window displays.  Her photography is always a reflection of herself:  professional and precise but warm and charming.

Almudena Izquierdo Somovilla

Public Relations Manager, HERMES

I adored it!  What fun.  I thoroughly recommend Serena and the shoot was a wonderful and uplifting experience. 

Even though I thought I was going to be nervous Serena made me feel instantly at ease.  She made me feel good about myself and rediscover my sense of self worth!  Fifty can be a difficult age to hit and Serena helped me re-ignite my passion as a woman.  She is a darling of a lady, a gorgeous person and also one hell of a brilliant photographer

Lisa Chaloner

I could not have been more thrilled with my portfolio of images from Serena. The photographs are exactly what I hoped for!

As an author I constantly need publicity pictures that do not make me look too glamorous or over made up nor too serious but sincere and approachable – and just glamorous enough in case any of those pesky film producers take a look!

Serena was wonderfully friendly and swift without any of the fussy paraphernalia I expected and succeeded in making me the best version of myself that I could possibly be without departing too much from the reality!

These will be extremely useful in all sorts of ways and I am thrilled to use them as the image of myself to accompany my new book .  And we had a fun time, too!


I just wanted to write to you to make sure you know how wonderful I think they are and that you exceeded all possible expectations!  Not only are the pictures natural and real, but they bring out the very best in all of us, so much so that we’re struggling to decide which ones to choose, we may just have to have all of them. 

Your treatment of light, professionalism, empathy and ability to put every one at ease is a real gift and I am so happy that you’ve been able to capture this stage in our lives.

Thank you so much again, these pictures are probably my most prized possession!


Thank you once again the whole experience has given Lydia so much confidence and I think she now believes she is a wonderful beautiful young lady!  Off to University with confidence I say!

Maggie Campbell - Lydia’s mum

I didn’t realise that I was dreading the prospect of a photo shoot. I anticipated being scrutinized and imagined that every perceived imperfection would be highlighted. Instead, I felt immediately comfortable and ended up loving both the experience and gorgeous results.

Donna Freed

Radio Gorgeous

The most common feedback we have about Serena is how she manages to do a seamless job and keep her sunny disposition at all times. She is incredibly personable with clients and her photographs always convey the narrative of the event with incredible style and finesse. She also always delivers beyond what is required

Alecka Micklewright


Serena’s photographs are spontaneous and effortless – she puts you instantly at ease and has a lovely ability to capture you at your best and most natural self.

Samantha Todhunder

Interior Designer

Serena is fabulous to work with, she filled me with confidence and really made me feel comfortable and at ease. Got some great shots, which we are both proud of. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Bryony White - 16

I have been lucky enough to do 2 photo shoots with Serena and got a huge variety of great photos. They have helped me sign with a great agent and I the photos I use on Spotlight are my favourite 2 by Serena. During the shoot Serena made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, and especially towards the end she made me feel really confident which was surprising seeing as I thought I hate having my picture taken!!!

Daisy May - 18


It was really great fun. I really enjoyed taking photos with Serena. She had some really good ideas and she let me have some ideas too like doing cartwheels. We laughed a lot. Thank you.


Our family photo session was relaxed, comfortable and a lot of fun. Serena captured our family in a series of very special high quality images that we will always treasure.

Tricia Barnes


I asked Serena to photograph me as I needed a “serious” picture/portrait for my psychotherapy website – a challenging shoot as the photograph needed to reflect an inner calm as well as professionalism whilst not making me look too old!!!  I confess to hating anything to do with my photograph being taken; Within minutes of Serena’s arrival she made me feel comfortable and, whilst suggesting where I should sit, her calm approach put me at ease and her enthusiasm made me feel more positive throughout the shoot.  

Although I felt tense at times Serena soon made me smile , chuckle and laugh thus expelling any feelings of tension. I am my own worst critic and never like photographs of myself but I have to confess that even I find that the results of my shoot with Serena are truly excellent and reflect exactly what I had asked for.  Serena is a talent to be watched for she is destined for a great professional future with even more success than she already commands. Serena is great with children as well and brings out all their natural exuberance and joy, for she, herself, is so full of Joy!

Billie Buckley


Serena’s photographs of our wedding are magical. She captured the people and the mood perfectly whilst remaining kind, fun and purposeful throughout. Her presence and product are faultless!

Helen Thorpe

I found that the experience was very empowering and incredibly enjoyable! What I loved about my shoot with Serena was the the laid back, calm and fun approach she took, this made me more comfortable during the shoot.

When seeing the end results I am very pleased to say that both Serena and myself where very proud of the photographs. I could not recommend Serena enough! Her warm and kind personality put me at ease straight away!

Anna Barnett

We have given Serena a very difficult task to capture the character of each of our employees and at the same time to create photos that were different from the normal corporate shots. She not only produced an amazing result but was very flexible in completing the project in a very professional and timely manner. The photos are now pride of place in the Boardroom and wall spaces of our new offices. We would have no hesitation in recommending Serena.

Manish Chande


Serena’s approach to our photo shoot was perfect – she immediately made us all feel relaxed, that this was a day for fun. We had a chance to explore how our family related to each other, in groups and as individuals. She quickly spotted good backgrounds and in front of those made us drop our inhibitions, throw caution to the wind. The result was a set of photos that give huge pleasure to us all – a reminder of ourselves at our best. Nothing forced, these photos reflect a special moment in family history. Thanks so much Serena!

Isabel Burford

Not only is Serena a great photographer, but she makes the process lots of fun, brilliantly managing whatever’s thrown at her – from a bouncy six year old girl to a less than enthusiastic fourteen year old boy! Her patience and tenacity got the best out of everyone. And the result – a beautiful set of photographs that we will treasure for ever.

Clare Southgate

All of it was really fun and I didn’t mind having my photos taken. It was great being allowed to stand on the kitchen table. Thank you for all those sweeties.


I’ve never had confidence when it comes to being photographed and always dread people getting their cameras out! Serena seemed to innately understand this and managed to put me at ease immediately – in fact my shoot with her turned out to feel like a luxurious treat as opposed to a torturous ordeal… I loved every minute and this really shone out in the photographs. Serena captured something that I’ve never seen in a picture of myself before: they look and “feel” like me, and I could not be more delighted with the results. The entire experience was a delight, from start to finish.

Sarah Hue-Williams

Life Coach

Having seen Serena’s photographs of a few friends I was racked with jealousy and knew I had to have mine done too as she has the remarkable knack of making everyone look like a supermodel. Whilst that might have been impossible with me I am delighted with the result and as always she has made me look way better than I do in real life!

Andrew Nicolls

Every time I turn around my daughters have grown 3 inches and aged 3 years – the song ‘Slipping through my fingers’ from a silly Abba movie can reduce me to racking sobs. A day spent with just us is suddenly no longer the norm and feels like it requires an appointment. 

The solution: A family shoot with Serena.

Arriving with my teenage daughters to Serena’s beautiful house and the smell of delicious coffee brewing. Straight into pampering session and even my green tinted and badly hungover 16 year old can’t resist melting into the deliciousness of the soft and beguiling hair-brushing, face moisturising pre- shoot session. Suddenly what perhaps sounded before like a favour to Mum becomes really interesting and we all get swept up into an outfit choosing session – more like ‘dress up’ than Kate Moss pressure – reluctant grins turn to smiles and then peels of laughter. 

.. And off we go … hours of pure, wonderful loved up vanity and total pleasure as I watch my girls do ‘natural’, ‘gorgeous’ and then wonderful ‘over the top vamp’, and then me too! Actually caught my daughters looking at me with real pride – That was nice and made me feel great. For them – What a confidence boost – All along they got to see the photos that were being taken and learnt how they were being taken so my photo keen daughter also felt she had a role in what they looked like.

The result: The photos – Oh I love them. They make me smile with pride and joy and the memory of a perfect day. 


Everyone was absolutely charmed by you and we are all grateful to you for making this Christmas just a little bit more special. The photos are brilliant.

Ludmila Boettcher

Serena put you so at ease that you forget that the camera is there. And are just yourselves. In those moments, magic happens. And Serena captures it brilliantly.

Life moves so quickly…working with Serena gives us a way to capture how we are together at just that moment. The images are breathtaking. (And it is so wonderful to be able to go back and see how our family has changed over the years).

I wanted our son to have some great photos of us as a family, even though I am camera-reluctant. Serena has this intuitive way of capturing different aspects of everyone’s personality individually and collectively across a variety of photos. Serious. Funny. Whimsical. Dubious. Curious. Connected. The pieces of us that go beyond the surface.

Four dogs and a toddler? That is a recipe for mayhem, not for a photo.  With her unflappable nature and enjoyment of capturing those priceless interactions in our entertaining family life, Serena wades in where others would hesitate. And the result is the most incredible memories of everyone together.  So special.


We had a wonderful day with Serena, she blended in just like another member of the family; effortlessly charming with everyone from youngest to grandparents.  Because it is so relaxed and easy going, you’ll be surprised how little you mind having your photo taken!    Above all Serena is a total professional who takes the most beautiful pictures.  Our albums and prints were perfect.  Thank you

Venessa Ross Russell

Serena was an absolute joy to work with! Not only is she an extremely gifted photographer, she is also instantly likeable and fun to be with. I am so pleased with the photographs Serena created for us. They are breathtaking and perfect for our website and other marketing material. Thank you again for your hard work and creative spirit. 


It was really fun! I enjoyed sitting and pulling funny faces and I LOVED the disco dancing


Serena is the fairy godmother of photography. I was stunned and delighted by the results and I cannot recommend her enough. A fabulous and very empowering experience that every woman should have.

Ruth Daniels

I decided to have a QW shoot for 2 reasons. Firstly so I could have an album to give to my husband for our wedding anniversary ( he’s so hard to buy for!), and secondly for the sheer experience and fun of the shoot. Neither of us were disappointed. My husband was blown away and said it was the best gift I’d ever given him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Serena had an air of professionalism and fun which meant I could just let her take charge. I opted to have my hair and make up done too. I highly recommend this, as Amanda  certainly did her job well. I definitely enjoyed being a model for the day. The photographs were exceptional. Serena captured me so well and definitely made me look my best! So for anyone considering a QW shoot I would say just do it!

Sarah Lawrence

The majority of people are not naturally comfortable in front of the camera. We all have our insecurities, many of which are only seen in our eyes and are never noticed by others. Photographs are however a wonderful way of capturing moments in time, a time that if not photographed, is passed without any easy way to summon back.  

My wish was to have a set of photographs that truly reflected family life when our children were young and had not yet started big school, that in years to come I could flick back through and re-live those special times. Serena has an amazing ability not only to capture adults and children in their best light, but her photographs also reflect spirit and energy. She has an incredible way of putting everyone at ease (not always an easy task) so they forget about being in front of the camera and the results are pure magic.  I also had a dream of being photographed on a horse. Serena was able to make my dream a reality and created a set of stunning images that were artistic, strong and passionate, that I hope will give friends and family a true insight into my life for many generations to come.

Emma Chesworth

Serena has that unusual combination of passion and technical expertise in her work.  There is no sense of rush in the session, and always an open mind and search for originality.  Serena sets out to meet the brief given her, but without losing her own interpretation of what her client needs.  Everyone was delighted with the pics that came out of the session.  We were spoilt for choice.   Thank you Serena.  That was one of my best and most enjoyable photo sessions ever!

Simon May

Composer EastEnders and Howards Way

 Such a difficult thing to look at yourself in a photograph and say WOW, but that’s what I feel when I see them. They look like me, but at my very best.  Serena you are the perfect professional. I could tell you were enjoying taking the photo’s which in turn made me so relaxed. We had a lot of laughs along the way too, your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Huge thanks and I will be coming back for more!

Alison Forster

Serena’s work is tremendous, she captures the moment and her creativity is boundless. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her more highly.

Lavinia Bolton

Locations Editor of House & Garden

Serena produced the most beautiful family photos which I look at every day with joy. Serena has the ability to make everyone relax, laugh and enjoy themselves while she clicks away! I now have photos of my beloved ones that make me smile everyday and I thoroughly recommend anyone to have a family shoot with Serena and enjoy her magic photos for a lifetime.

Karen Rogers

Garden Designer

I really enjoyed doing a shoot with Serena and it was fun throwing leaves in the air and I recommend it for all families. It was good to go outdoors, have fun and have your picture taken.


So many of the photos we take as a family are “snaps” on our iPhones, which are never printed… let alone framed. Serena has an amazing ability to capture both natural and spontaneous pictures of people. She made us all feel instantly relaxed (even my husband… who HATES having his photo taken!) and before we knew it we were laughing and enjoying ourselves. The end result makes us smile every time we look at them.


We were finally all together as a family this week and Andrew opened your gorgeous album at the dinner table. It is simply beautiful and the photos, along with the craftsmanship of the album, are just breathtaking. It has pride of place on our coffee table and I sat down to look at it again tonight after everyone was asleep. I know my mother will love hers as well when she opens it at Christmas.

Thank you for your unbelievable patience, for not giving up on me, for being in all the right places at the right time and for capturing such a magical day for our family.  I will treasure these photos forever and the album is just perfect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…I am forever grateful.


I visit the lovely Serena weekly for semi private yoga/Pilates sessions at her home and it is here I witness her fabulous work, often in progress. I have seen how she beautifully captures her subjects in such a natural way so when I began the creation of my new business and website earlier this year I simply had to ask her to take some photographs for me. Never really one to model in front of a camera I expected to feel stiff and uncomfortable. However, the experience was far from that. I just had fun with Serena and this was supposed to be work. I was thrilled with the results.

She made me feel incredibly relaxed and I quite frankly forgot she was there at times as I practiced my postures until I caught her in energetic flow in every position possible in order to capture the picture she wanted. Quite frankly it is a good job she practices yoga! Serena really does put 100% into her work. Her energy is vibrant and positive and she is gentle, coaxing and a joy to work with.

Namaste Amanda

Sublime Body and Mind

It is not easy being photographed if you are not used to it. I was a bit nervous before I arrived, however I need not have worried. Serena is so kind, gentle and joyful that I found it a really fun and happy experience. My brief was for business and personal use and Serena listened and delivered. It all seemed to effortless and easy. Serena is highly talented and simply lovely to work with.

Sarah Mason

Managing Director, Mason Rose Private

SBP photographers with their Canon cameras

Phoebe, Serena and Alastair would like to thank you for all of the kind words. It’s been our pleasure to work with you!

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