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It was so great meeting you! Being able to enjoy with this experience was truly priceless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And, WOW, the images are even more than I could have hoped for! Truly beautiful and timeless!


It’s wonderful to celebrate our young people before they leave school. It’s not something we have done so much in the UK but it appears to be a growing trend, and I am behind it. 

The teenage years are a time of immense change and they emerge from these years as adults. And teenagers and young adults have really had a tough time of it with a pandemic blighting their school and university years.

As a professional portrait photographer, I am a huge fan of marking life’s milestones with photography. So I’m really behind the idea of a Senior Portrait Photoshoot, traditionally undertaken during the last year of school.

Often, I photograph teens initially in their everyday jeans and then we often dress up a bit more or show the teenager enjoying their favourite sport or activity. The idea being to have a set of images that celebrates their school years and what they enjoyed during that time. And my teenage photography subjects have told me that their senior portrait shoot was a lot of fun and gave their confidence a boost.


If your young person is having a leaving ceremony from school or is graduating from university, it’s something to celebrate.

One chapter of life ends and another begins. And families get together to mark the special occasion so it’s the perfect time to capture some stunning and fabulous portraits in a young person’s life. And as the extended family is often gathered it is a great time for a last family portraits before the child embarks on their adult life.

Leaving school and graduating from university are two of life’s great milestones and deserve celebration. So invest in a special photoshoot to mark this time in your child’s life journey.

And of course a photoshoot provides wonderful, professional portraits for their LinkedIn profile, CV, etc. which will come in handy when they apply for jobs and university programmes.

And these gorgeous portraits are photographic art to enjoy on your walls and in professionally-designed, handmade albums.  I work ONLY with the best suppliers in the world to give you the FINEST PRODUCTS AVAILABLE

If you want to celebrate this important milestone in the life of your teen, I offer Senior Portraits and Graduation Photography undertaken at the West London Studio and on location.


includes 2 high resolution digital negatives

To book a Senior or Graduation Photoshoot, or for further details and for information of what is included in our session fee, please email or The Studio on  +44 (0)7415 792499.

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Where do you do senior portrait photography in london?

Often my senior portrait teens are American and attend an American or International school. Or they are Americans visiting London. So most importantly, they usually want the backdrop of their portraits to be recognisably ‘London’.  So usually we meet somewhere in Central London and hit some highlights for our portraits.

We use a variety of locations and often change outfits along the way so that they get a large range of images. If headshots are wanted or studio portraits in a more controlled environment, we can also undertake a photoshoot in my West London Studio. And finally, if the teen wants their pictures to show them engaged in a sport or activity, we can go on location anywhere the subject desires.


Like many things, the key to a great photoshoot is preparation. Being organised and ready to go means that your photoshoot likely will turn out exactly as you wish. But it also makes the sitter feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, knowing that they will look their best. With my senior portrait photoshoots I always conduct a consultation with the teen and parents beforehand so I can guide and advise, while also find out what the teen wants from their photoshoot. This really helps things run smoothly on the day and ensures the senior has the photoshoot of their dreams.

The first thing in preparing for a Senior Portrait photoshoot is deciding on the location/s. Some teens will wish to make the most of our London location. So we will ensure that special or famous sites in London feature as backdrops in their senior photoshoot. Whether they wish to have portraits made in front of the major tourist sites or simply using urban landscapes which clearly reference London such as the colourful houses in Notting Hill, the stucco fronted victorian villas of Kensington or the georgian facades of Shoreditch. Or we can conduct a photoshoot in one of London’s famous royal parks. Anything is possible, including a studio photoshoot in my West London studio if that is what is desired.

Next, we think about whether they would like to be pictured doing something they love. Such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument, listening to music, playing a sport, chilling with a family pet. And we incorporate this into our plan for the senior photoshoot.

Then we discuss outfits. Often we do a casual look followed by a more formal outfit. And then we have a think about what might be worn in the portraits featuring any hobbies or activities. Professional styling is avaialable from Rosanna, the stylist we work with, if desired.

And finally, professional hair and makeup is always a good idea. It just ensures that the senior looks their best on the day and gives a little confidence boost, which comes across in the portraits. This is something we can arrange if desired.


At Serena Bolton Photography we are able to adapt our offering to meet our clients’ needs. And while traditional British schools do not have a history of big ‘graduation’ ceremonies and parties, London hosts a number of International schools and an American school where things are a little different. And there are several universities in London having bigger graduation celebrations as well. However, not many photographers in London are aware of this demand and so after receiving enquiries for this type of photography from our American and other international clients, we have developed our offering to suit. 

We can attend the actual graduation ceremony (if allowed by the institution) and capture portraits of the graduate receiving their diploma. But beyond the ceremony, this is the perfect opportunity is to capture beautiful portraits of the graduate and their family at this special time. Some families organise private garden parties, or hold special dinners in a restaurant or even boat rides down the Thames. We have accommodated all of these in the past. So whatever your plans are for your special occasion, we will accommodate you and give you wonderful portraits that will delight you for a lifetime.

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London Portrait Photographer Serena creates natural, timeless and fun Senior Portraits and Graduation Portraits.

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