Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

February 8, 2018 | PORTRAITS, WOMEN

Give a unique Valentine's gift of a fabulous, bespoke photo shoot from Serena Bolton with our new Gift Cards.

 Portrait Photographer London Gift Card

It's Valentine's Day next week. Are you preparing to give or receive more flowers/chocolates/lingerie? Or are you hoping to give or receive a more thoughtful Valentine's gift?


Of course, flowers, chocolates and lingerie are lovely presents. I expect that they are well received  or they wouldn’t have become such standard Valentine’s gifts. But that’s just it—they are standard. Not special, extraordinary or unique.


So why not give the woman in your life a unique, spoiling, uplifting experience for Valentine’s Day? (Or ask your partner for one as a gift?) A gift card from Serena Bolton Photography for a bespoke Studio or Location Portrait Shoot is a truly individual present.


The lucky recipient of a Serena Bolton Gift Card will have a personalised portrait shoot at either my West London Studio or in her own home. To start, she can relax while being made up and having her hair done before the shoot. Next, I will help her to choose the clothes for her to wear for her shoot. Finally, we will create beautiful images of her, giving her a fun and often empowering experience. Not to mention the resulting stunning images that she will treasure and share with her loved ones.

 Portrait Photography London FleurPortrait Photography London SamanthaPortrait Photography London Jess Holland ParkPortrait Photography London Bryony
 Portrait Photography London With bulldogs
Portrait Photography London Splits
Portrait Photography London Jaz

Portrait Photography London Kathryn

Portrait Photography London Celia

Portrait Photography London Emma

The Perfect Valentine's Gift

Serena Bolton Photography offers the discerning client the finest personalised bespoke service. Each photoshoot will be specifically tailored to the subject. I will capture the essence of her in a series of natural, flattering and classic portraits. My photographs do not embellish or alter but have a spontaneous and distinctive way of capturing a woman’s real character.


My approach is professional yet informal.  I am intuitive with a natural ability to empathise and connect with people which helps my clients feel at ease. Even the most camera shy woman can be captured looking her very best. And, in addition, I will give her an empowering, memorable and enjoyable experience.


Please click here to see some of my portraits of women.


If you are ready for a unique, personalised Valentine's gift experience, contact me at my London Studio at or on 07958 511819.


“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”



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