How I put camera shy brides and grooms at ease in front of the camera on their wedding day

Putting camera shy brides and grooms at ease

Not everyone feels naturally confident and relaxed in front of the camera and this apprehension can certainly be enhanced by the addition of wedding day nerves and the importance of the photographs that will be looked at for generations. One of my greatest strengths as a wedding photographer is a natural warmth which makes it easy for me to connect with my clients. Developing a good rapport leads to flattering yet natural photographs. This allows me to put my camera shy brides and grooms at ease.

Bridal portraits start early in the day with the bride and her family getting ready and having a giggle with her bridesmaids. We take fun, causal shots of the bride and bridesmaids in hair and makeup so that by the time the bride is looking her absolute best and ready to go she is completely comfortable with my presence and camera. As a result, the more formal shots go more smoothly.

Camera shy bride getting ready for her wedding 0218

Beautiful London bride Lucy getting ready for her wedding

Grooms get nervous too

Nerves are not exclusively for brides however, and I have had plenty of experience with apprehensive grooms. Grooms often aren’t sure that they want their photo taken before the ceremony. However spending some time with them before the ceremony helps to capture the dynamic between the groom and his best man and ushers which only enhances the total wedding story as captured in pictures. Getting the chaps to move or do something is an effective way to get them to relax.  Sometimes I take them outdoors or into a less formal environment to achieve this. Having grooms and groomsmen jump in the air or take a stroll down the street to take informal shots has worked to great effect.

Camera shy brides and grooms groomsmen in stable

Groomsmen outside in stable block

Intimate Bride and Groom shots

Wonderful images of the Bride and Groom can be taken when I remove them from the hubbub of the reception to take a pause. They have a moment to reflect on what is actually happening and why everyone is there that day. During this break I take the more intimate portraits and in the past I have got the happy couple to relax by having them whisper funny or secret things to each other or playing kiss chase. These intimate moments help to put camera shy brides and grooms at ease for the more formal shots to come.

Camera shy brides and grooms bride and groom kiss chase

Camera shy bride and groom play kiss chase

Fun group shots

Finally for the all important group shots, which are often the most formal, I have found ways to get the entire group to relax whether by telling jokes or funny stories about each other. Previously I have also got my subjects to dance which got them laughing before posing for the formal family shots. This enables me to take the formal shots quickly and efficiently so that everyone can get back to the party.

As you can see, I achieve natural and elegant photographs of my clients’ wedding days.  Click here to view a complete wedding story.

I am passionate about telling stories about people and their loved ones. My professional but friendly nature makes it easy for you to invite me into your world. With my background in portraiture I will put even the most camera shy brides and grooms and their families and friends at ease and take natural, beautiful and classical photographs of all of you on your special day. If you are planning a wedding, I’d love to meet you. Please contact me at the London studio +44 (0)7958 511 819 or email

“Photography through the eyes of a storyteller”

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