Luxury Wedding Photography - Oxfordshire

Kate and Schuyler had a wedding of idyllic charm, a delightful blend of joy, elegance, and quintessential English country charm, set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Oxfordshire. From the ancient country church where they exchanged vows to the elegant marquee nestled by a beautiful lake, every aspect of their celebration radiated with warmth and sophistication. 

As the day unfolded into evening, Kate and Schuyler’s wedding reception was a blend of laughter, music and lively dancing, a testament to the love and happiness that filled the air. And every photograph tells a story of this romantic summer wedding in the English countryside.

“We were so happy with Serena as our photographer at our wedding. She was a kind, confident presence from the first time we met her to her quiet, subtle goodbye when she was done. On our very happy day, Serena directed us, and our guests, in a way that made us all feel special. Everyone, and every part of the day, is there in a happy photo. Her eye is of course superb: she understood the spaces, the land, where people were, how to frame us, and what the day looked like. The pictures we received from Serena captured so much of the magic of the day, and the proof was very much in the pudding: our wedding album, and the pictures we (and our families and friends) have chosen and used are gorgeous, capturing all the beauty and joy we could have hoped to capture in that day, with a nice touch of glamour, humour, and, most of all, smiles, laughs, and happiness.”

Luxury wedding photography London portrait of bridal couple next to a lake

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