Women's Photography - Cheltenham

Emma, a skilled equestrian, had a long-cherished dream of having a women’s photoshoot on a majestic white horse, wearing exquisite ballgowns. We had the privilege of making her dream a reality with a location photoshoot set on a beautiful farm, complete with a specially selected horse for the occasion.

Emma’s happiness with her portraits led her to commission a bespoke album and a follow-up family photoshoot.

At Serena Bolton Photography, we believe that if you can dream your photoshoot, we can bring it to life, capturing stunning images, giving you an unforgettable experience and creating beautiful photographic memories.

female portrait photo of woman in fur coat over ballgown leaning against wall
female portrait of blonde woman in pink fur jacket with white horse
Portrait of woman in white dress with white horse
female portrait of a side view of woman in red velvet ballgown on a white horse

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