Women's Photography London - Holland Park

For this Quintessential Woman photoshoot, I had the pleasure of capturing the radiant spirit of a young mother amidst the beauty and magnificene of of Holland Park and the welcoming ambiance of our Hammersmith studio in London. We transitioned from indoors to outdoors, causal attire to more formal outfits and finished, elated, with a glass of champagne.

With each change of attire and location, her timeless elegance and confidence shone through, creating captivating portraits that reflect her inner and outer beauty.

Subsequently, we were delighted to receive a commission for a family photoshoot. Happily these sessions captured beautiful portraits of Ewelina and her family that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and treasured for generations to come.

outdoor portrait shoot woman amongst tulips
Women's professional business headshot of woman in white blouse with grey background

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