Gorgeous Ginta embarked on a new career chapter, and to commemorate this exciting time in her life, she chose a Quintessential Woman Photoshoot amid the autumnal splendor of Kew Gardens.

With the theme of ‘Abundance,’ these photos beautifully mirror the bountiful richness of nature as it transforms into its vibrant autumnal attire. Ginta’s radiant spirit shines in harmony with the vibrant colors of the season, capturing a moment of celebration and transition in her life

“Serena she is a very special human being. Has a very warm and gentle personality. Her work to me is not just beautifully and professionally taken photographs-that is no doubt, but she sees the meaning behind what she does. Her images tell the story and every story is unique. Thank you! I had unforgettable experience and felt more beautiful than ever with Amanda’s makeup ❤️”

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